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  1. Gilby

    Not gonna happen, I ain’t your coffee boy

    Two years driving, never had a disrespectful rider. Small city in the Midwest, maybe that is the difference. I had a 20-something woman a few days ago, a Navy person home on leave... loved hearing her call me "sir" once she learned I had been an officer in the military 45 years ago. Entitled...
  2. Gilby

    What is your policy on returning items to passengers such as phones and purses?

    I did this. I dropped off the rider and immediately refueled at a station next to his location. Noticed the phone and took it over to his place. $5.00 tip. Back on my way, no inconvenience. This guy was a regular rider.
  3. Gilby

    Healthier after shift beverage

    Everyone has their preferences. When I was young I was a beer drinker. Hey, I grew up in Wisconsin. As I grew older, beer did not agree with me as much - lots of gas, etc. So I started drinking Rhine wine on the rocks. Jug wine. That phase did not last long. Older guys I worked for liked...
  4. Gilby

    Mr Smart and free food.

    I don't know about Mr. S. UE is Uber Eats and CC is credit card.
  5. Gilby

    Lost my senses on two air head, snotty, rich girls

    Lots of fun names here. Lac Courte Oreiles, (la-coodaray), Chequamegon, (sha-wa-me-gon), Oconomowoc, (o-con-o-mo-wak), etc.
  6. Gilby

    Fired from Uber

    Lyft is cheaper for riders and pays me less for the same trips in this market, but lately I get a lot more Lyft rides so I make more on that platform. I sort of prefer the navigation on Lyft, but not the extra screen tapping to confirm arrival.
  7. Gilby

    Has driving uber changed your perspective of people?

    When I first met my future father-in-law, an Irish-American, he asked, "What is your nationality?" I was confused. "American," I answered. "Don't get smart with ME!" was his response. What he wanted to know was my heritage, which is German. For some reason this was important to him.
  8. Gilby


    No music. No radio. No complaints.
  9. Gilby

    Not getting ANY riders

    Can I act the part of me? Can I choose who plays my wife? :smiles:
  10. Gilby

    Not getting ANY riders

    I work at the airport. Several times people have arrived by private plane and come into the office and ask if our town has Uber or Lyft. I say, sure, which one do you like best? Then I activate that app and always get the ping right away, with them standing in front of me. I have also had an...
  11. Gilby

    Two Questions

    And if we want to be politically correct (and who doesn't?) shouldn't we start calling manholes "person holes?" Naaaaah.
  12. Gilby

    Do you drive part time or full time?

    I am available full time for my part time job.
  13. Gilby

    Here'a a good one for you!

    Yeah, I have no interest in that or in daily cash outs. My Uber/Lyft pay goes into a checking account with the credit union where I financed the car. That's how I make the car payments with a simple transfer when due.
  14. Gilby

    Do you ask pax where they are going? or do you let the app take care of it

    Like others have said, I usually confirm the destination. "Going to the Jefferson Street Inn," I might say. Nice to have confirmation. One time I had a rider whose destination was 85 miles away. It was wrong. He was only going about five miles. He was grateful that I asked.
  15. Gilby

    Americas obesity problem

    I have a regular rider who told me this morning that he just weighed himself at 329. He was very happy because he used to be more than 400 pounds. Very nice guy. I have probably driven him to work a dozen times.