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  1. Gilby

    Tablet Data Plans

    We were paying a similar price for a portable hotspot, 2 Gigs, but learned our phones both include up to 50 Gigs of data each month for use as a hotspot. Calls and texts are unlimited on this plan. Sprint. Canceled the portable hotspot, not needed and too limited.
  2. Gilby

    Had a Mentally Challenged Female This Morning.

    I had a regular rider for his methadone clinic appointment for a while. He wasn't homeless, and he was a pretty good pax. Must have taken him a dozen times. He left his phone one time and tipped me $5.00 when I turned around and brought it back a half block away. Yeah, I know....
  3. Gilby

    Doing your own oil change???

    This thread reminds me of someone I used to work with. She was from New York City and had never owned a car until she got out of college in the Midwest. She purchased a used Toyota Celica and drove from Missouri to her first job in Michigan. She did not even know that you need to CHECK the...
  4. Gilby

    Doing your own oil change???

    That's what they did on the street where I live a few years ago. It's called "chip sealing." There is no curb and gutter on my street, so the edges get a bit ragged over time, but it generally holds up pretty well. Some small pot holes that get patched from time to time. As for oil, I use...
  5. Gilby

    Doing your own oil change???

    Dad used to use it as bar oil in the chain saw, but that's just going to increase wear because it is so dirty. In the old days here in this part of Wisconsin, they sprayed whey on the gravel roads to control dust. Lots of cheese factories around. I would think waste oil would make the...
  6. Gilby

    Doing your own oil change???

    And don't forget recycling the used oil. I think you are better off having it done for that very reasonable price.
  7. Gilby

    Can't wait for Uberair to come out!

    Sorry... I was being too serious. Anyone who gives me a hard time in an airplane finds out who is actually doing the flying.
  8. Gilby

    Can't wait for Uberair to come out!

    New? No... I am talking about folks in the air trying to give directions. Much different up there, since most passengers have no idea how to control an aircraft and realize their lives depend on your abilities.
  9. Gilby

    Can't wait for Uberair to come out!

    I fly airplanes, not helicopters, but it is rare for a passenger to suggest anything. They are usually just happy to be safely back on earth.
  10. Gilby

    Can't wait for Uberair to come out!

    Helicopters can't just land in front of your house or hotel or business...
  11. Gilby

    Scam uber call?

    The spammers have learned we are more likely to answer local calls, so they spoof our area code. I never answer any calls unless it is from someone in my address book... legitimate callers will leave a message.
  12. Gilby

    All this time, I thought there was only one flag.

    Yacht clubs have burgees.
  13. Gilby

    What does your Spouse or significant other think about you driving Rideshare?

    Me, too, but I also drive Saturday and Sunday mornings, which are pretty good times. Lots of folks need a ride back to the bar where they left their vehicle. My wife likes the fact that driving pays our car payments every month.
  14. Gilby

    56 mile trip, former driver, no tip (yet)

    My second to last ride today was a trucker who gave me a five spot on top of an eight-dollar ride. Cash, he said, because he wanted to be sure I got it. As for waitresses, be sure to ask the cute ones as well. 1558560624 Driver going into my third year. I did not receive a 1099 either of...
  15. Gilby

    Uber debit card

    Sam's Club Mastercard - five percent back on gas purchases at any gas station.