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    Uber driver speaks out after company refuses to pay for trip from NY to Florida

    They were afraid of contracting Covid on a 3 hour flight so they opted for an 18 hour ride in an Uber? :o-o:
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    Cannot upload new NJ drivers license

    I recently received a new standard NJ drivers license. The license is laminated and the lamination contains images of the seal of NJ. It turns out that when you take a picture of the license, the lamination produces a glare and the NJ seal also obscures the image. I'm assuming this is a security...
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    Lost Wages Assistance Program say whhhhaaaatt that was our chees?

    Lost Wages Assistance Program On Sept. 9, 2020 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) notified L&I that the last week for LWA benefit program is Sept. 5, 2020 due to the fund's depletion. This is not an L&I decision. No additional payments will be allowed after Sept. 5, 2020. The...
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    I am buying an ex-uber car. Is this mileage genuine?

    I've been driving for four years and I average $1.00/mile of gross earnings. £900/week is $1169/week USD. Using my average earnings as a guide, it would take 1169 miles/week to generate $1169/week of gross earnings. 1169 x 52 = 60,788 miles/year. 25,000 miles/year is not believable to me.
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    New Jersey Trump Boat Parade Shatters Guinness World Record

    Uber drivers are screwed no matter who wins...
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    New Jersey Trump Boat Parade Shatters Guinness World Record

    What does this have to do with Uber? Post it in the politics forum.
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    Uber encouraging riders to tip

    Nothing there about wearing masks. I thought riders wearing masks was mandatory.
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    I need to make a decision : Iphone or Android ??

    Samsung S20 has SD card slot. Iphone does not. Hence, if you get the Iphone get as much memory as you can afford.
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    OK then, how about week ending 3/28 and 4/4? Would it be possible to get benefits for those weeks? I remember when I first applied for UI it asked when was the last time I worked. I replied with 3/16.
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    One more step before you get paid...YOU MUST CERTIFY FOR YOUR WEEKLY BENEFITS FOR EACH WEEK YOU WERE OUT!! 1589395959 Submitted my claims for weeks ending 4/11 thru 5/9. Got confirmation for each weekly claim for $231...
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    Uber lays off 3,500 workers in 3-minute Zoom calls

    Looks like we will be getting an influx of new Uber drivers 🚗
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    I also just got email stating I'm eligible for PUA. I can certify on 5/13/2020. I originally filed on 4/5/2020.
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    The Famous 600

    The $600 UI benefit is taxable. The $1200 stimulus is not.
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    Booking fee

    Driver gets paid ONLY for distance, base fee, and time. It's all documented in Trip Details for each ride.
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    Booking fee

    If you look at Trip Details for a specific ride, you will see that Uber keeps entire booking fee.