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    California Fare Adjustments

    I live and work in So. California, and this last week Uber started allowing us to set our own rates. However, there is a problem with the way they are doing this feature. It would be nice if we were able to set dual fares, one for running in town and one for longer distances (which could be...
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    Nobody Wants To Wear A Mask! Need Some Advice.

    As part of the Policy, that Uber has about wearing of masks, Uber Passengers agree to abide by the rules. Your passengers know this is Required, before they even book the ride. So, If she agreed to meet you in the middle of the street during rush hour, she can also be left in the same place...
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    For those who look down upon $3-4 trips...

    The only issue I have with the smaller dollar rides, is this: In my area, Uber has a way of locking you into staying in an area, and running your vehicle to the ground, while offering such a low dollar amount; Another thing that Uber does, is that they will send you 7 miles or more, for a ride...
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    SCAM ALERT!!!!!

    I. Did not give him Anything; but frustrated the crap out of him, as I dumped my money into my primary card, prior to even doing what he was asking me to do.
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    I figure it this way: When the Pax books a ride, they are generally “RENTING” the vehicle, for the duration of the ride. If a driver is offended by the music, or whatever the Pax is listening to, ask them to either turn it down or to use earbuds or some other listening device that would allow...
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    SCAM ALERT!!!!!

    Today, I got a booking for a passenger named “”Barry” who placed A message on the app, for me to contact Uber support, and then gave me a non-uber number, out of GA. (687)540-1766. I made the call.. he used the information that is used on the app, for riders, to identify my vehicle and said he...
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    Opportunity nearby, more requests than usual

    In my short experience, I found out quickly that in some areas, there may be two or three rides given out in a designated “Hot” area, which last week may have had no business in; which triggers the system to put out a surge in that area..It is short lived, as the two or three ”over Demand” rides...
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    Want tips? Just do this though we need everyone and it will work $$$$

    I am new here, but I personally would not directly mention ”Tips” during or at the end of my trips. However, I do ask the rider to please be sure to rate the ride experience, as it helps not only me; but also the community by allowing them to know how your experienced the ride with me. I know...
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    IN the app, is there any way to screen your passengers and locations before selecting to take an assignment?

    I have been getting frustrated by the app, as it will send out little info. On a ride assignment, to allow the driver to know were the pick up and destination is, and to see if you Are possibly picking up a “problem” client. I was wondering if there is a way, before agreeing on taking an...
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    Uber is introducing "Verify Your Ride with PIN" - How badly will this backfire?

    I ran into this issue with insurance company bookings, where the rider was not the person that booked a ride. The app sent me to a wrong location, but I knew where the rider was actually at. I picked up the rider and was not able to get the PIN, as it was sent to the insurance agency. Since...
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    Auto Insurance for Food Delivery

    I read that! Awesome to be made aware of that policy! Thank You So very much for the information! You really put my mind to rest on the subject.
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    Auto Insurance for Food Delivery

    No, they have said that they don’t offer Commercial Insurance, for Delivery. The only have personal Liability that I am given. But, in California, a food Delivery Driver has to have a Commercial policy to cover both private and Use for specialty deliveries. Uber Eats doesn’t require you have...
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    Auto Insurance for Food Delivery

    Good Morning, everyone. I have a question, regarding Auto Insurance for vehicles doing food delivery and rates. Can anyone please help me with finding a Commercial Policy, which is reasonable, for delivering Food? I have ran into roadblocks in finding affordable insurance for my vehicle, to...