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  • Hi mate, do you have the spreadsheet you generated for uber? was having troubles downloading it from your post
    CONGRATULATIONS on your Appoint
    ment as "Thundah from DownUndah"!
    Please encourage "The Restless" to
    come "Up Ovah" and "Post American"
    as they are Welcomed AND Liked in
    Our OverPopulated UnderEducated
    Please call upon Friend & 6th Notable
    Sydney Uber for Guidance as needed.

    Has beepbeep been Whaled-on by
    Wallabies, yet ? Perhaps Strangled by
    SeaWasps? DisembowelledbyDingoes?
    Gagged by Great Whites? CHEERS!
    Hey there, i checked out partner people and it sounds awesome!
    if i was to be an uber driver in Victoria and i choose to pay you for the services, if i am technically an employee, who pays the insurance on the vehicle i drive? because i will be an uber driver and emploied by you and that is my job to drive cars then, technically partner people would cover the cost of the vehicle correct?
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