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    I Broke my Wrist Tonight Delivering Pizza !

    But you're able to work. So get the tips AND have the medical bills paid by the company. I really don't understand your thinking. I'm done trying to help you. You're being idiotic.
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    I Broke my Wrist Tonight Delivering Pizza !

    So you're an EMPLOYEE? Stop screwing around and turn in whatever report you're supposed to, and don't let the managers screw you over. You will have NO medical bills that way. Plus if you have permanent damage you will get a payment (likely not much, but something--I got 3 weeks pay for every...
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    I Broke my Wrist Tonight Delivering Pizza !

    Were you working for a gig company? Because if it's Dominos, etc. you have workmen's comp and no bills.
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    Top 10 "My Other Driver Let Me..."

    11. Drive me just out of the surge zone then request the rest of the long trip at no surge (I got this a few times when we had the old surge system). It probably still happens when the up front price is really high and the pax knows it's because of when/where they're starting from. 12. Jump...
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    Sort of sad Uber story about my pax with 6 DUIs

    I have a friend who was almost killed by a drunk driver over 30 years ago. Severe brain damage. He's still and will always be 50 IQ points south of where he was, not to mention the physical issues. I hope the next time she drives drunk she runs into a pole and kills herself. That way she...
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    You can't, you won't, please don't

    Well that's the most depressing thing I've ever read...
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    Any ants delivering for Amazon now concerned that Amazon has been approved for drone delivery?

    But all the packages will be the heavy or bulky ones. And Amazon will adjust so that you still don't have time.
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    Expected tip included taken advantage of

    W Why didn't you just go with the 8 minute timer and keep the food? I had one last night who must have fallen asleep. He evidently didn't wake up in time to rescind the tip. I got the food and the full expected amount. I start the timer. Uber tries to contact the customer at that point I...
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    All of you drivers taking passengers in the front seat

    Yep. I haven't driven since COVID but I would love that rule to stay.
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    Expected tip included taken advantage of

    Have you checked 3 hours later to see if it's changed? They don't show the total with the tip right after the drop-off. They say it's an hour, but mine are almost always at least 2 hours. I haven't had a tip taken back yet, but I only deliver to nice neighborhoods.
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    This 23-year-old Uber driver earns $25,000 a year—but has ‘everything I could want right now’

    Dropping out of college when you're a SENIOR is idiotic. At that point why not finish? $600 a month on gas is a lot of miles. I see no plans for replacing his vehicle when it croaks.
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    Input Needed Regarding Signing Up

    I'd like you to try it just to see what message you get. It won't work, of course. And you'll never work for to them ever then. Not that that's a bad thing.
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    POLL: Do you use insulated bags for UE deliveries???

    I'm the same. I have two old pizza bags I grabbed that were being tossed for a newer version, and two rectangular box type bags from Favor (that company isn't everywhere). I also have some smaller bags. It does irritate me that places put cold drinks with the hot food in sealed bags. You'd...
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    Restaurant employees not wearing masks

    Do you even know what PCR is? 1599892604 I don't put food inside the car. I have a hatchback, so it's in the back under the cover in a bag. Basically I touch nothing I don't have to when I pick up. If I have to wait I go outside and open the door occasionally to check if the food is ready...