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    Got Hacked & lost over $300

    I've never give any info about my account to anyone & don't care what it smells like. Unlike those of you who have responded, I don't have years and years being an Uber gopher. Lockout did not work. Had no idea this sort of thing was going on. Almost all of my rides have gone well. I'll get...
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    Got Hacked & lost over $300

    You know what they say about people who Assume. I've been driving for 3 weeks and never get out of my car. Your post is worthless. I do not know any African drivers. Why would you make such a stupid & uninformed comment? 1583729967 Wrong again. Bunch of @@@@@@@@ on this forum. No wonder...
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    Got Hacked & lost over $300

    1583729475 I did none of those things. Your response is useless.
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    Got Hacked & lost over $300

    This happened earlier today at DFW airport. Was on my way to pickup a rider about 2 pm when I got a message from rider that I needed to call support. Have not driving for Uber in 3 years. Long story short, as others have experienced, the african-sounding [email protected]@@@er drained me. I've...
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    There may be light at the end of the tunnel

    Travis took it in ass.
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    No Tip = 1 Star

    Nowdays, I consider a rider who doesn't stink as good as a tip.
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    Finally hit the Jackpot.... Big tip :)

    I had a rider downtown who at the end of the trip reached into his pocket and gave me a card with bible verses and invited me to his church. Most all of the verses were of the "going to hell" variety. I might go just so that I can pull my tip out of the collection plate when it passes by.
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    Surge at DFW

    Twice this past week I've had Lyft riders tell me that Uber airport riders are having a tough time finding drivers. One tried Uber first & then switched to Lyft after gettng no response. I explained Uber's fake surge and then he understood. JUST SAY NO TO DFW!!!
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    Passenger suggests suicide

    But first you would need UberEats_LastMeal.
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    Post your shortest ride...

    Picked up 4 middle aged fat @@@@s at Del Friscos and took them a half mile to their upscale hotel. I probably saved one of them from having a heart attack if he had walked that far. Nonetheless, I 1 starred the bastards for no tip.
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    Like moths to a deception flame, the fake airport surge

    Send the cocksuckers an email and tell them what you think. I've done this twice regarding the airport fraud.
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    The 2am Suck

    Good question. We can always communicate by PM. Anybody care to answer this?
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    Idiots getting angry when I ask to wait till I pull to the curb at airports.

    You fine a-hole between vehicles? I find a-holes at every pickup and dropoff. :)
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    Trips now automatically start after 2 min

    Hell, I should get 10 cents per minute just for breathing. We don't live in Somalia!!!
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    How are the reduced cancel times working out for ya?

    Where and when did Uber resume paying drivers for any cancellation regardless of time in DFW?