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    Travis Resigned

    About damn time!
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    They yelled at me before they got into my car.

    One stars for everybody! X D
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    The long wait is Over!! in app tipping for Uber

    FINALLY! Finally...
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    New law in Nevada requires rideshare business licences.

    The local government just want to get a piece of the pie. This is why Uber went to the Nevada courts to begin with.
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    Easiest Payday Ever

    At least the gas was covered. WINNING!
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    Is UBER finally on its way out!?!?

    They took a hit in profits, but Uber is here to stay. Their service is just too convenient as an option to use for many.
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    Airport queue: yes or no?

    Only if people need a ride to the airport.
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    Frank Martin (Jason Statham) as The Transporter

    Fun fact: I started my profile on here because of him.
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    Pool to SF from South Bay

    What a joke. If its more than one person, it should be $50 at the minimum for that distance! Highway traffic to San Jose is the pits!
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    Uber PAX @@@@@@@ - I Got Revenge

    It was unprofessional what you did, but it was totally worth it! :D
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    Jerk passenger makes me drive far so he can get Jack in the Box

    If he was a complete and total jerk, he deserved to get stranded!
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    What lies do you tell PAX?

    "I enjoy driving for Uber."
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    Missing cell phone

    What cell phone? ;)
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    You want tips?? Here you go.

    Smooth, OP. Smooth...