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    PAX pickup destination scams*

    First sign of any problem I take a screen shot of the Waybill. It is all the proof you need that a trip request came in. Than I would contact Uber from Outside the gate requesting a cancel fee. If it is busy I save the screen shot and pursue it later with Uber. There is one gated community that...
  2. FLKeys

    Being a pax while on vacation musings

    I'm guessing most drivers don't report cash tips or under report cash tips. That being the case cash tips are better as there is no or less tax liability. As far as the length of the post, this is the stories section, I would expect long posts.
  3. FLKeys

    The Worst Job You've Ever Had?

    I am almost 50 years old, I have had 4 jobs in my life. Can't say I have ever had a bad job. Enjoyed all of them. I don't look at Uber as a job, it is a side gig. I could walk away at any time.
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    Time for tires

    I run the Perelli Scorpion Verde tires, I get great life out of them for my driving style and conditions. All my cars have always run real nice on them.
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    So Close But So Far

    Can't see attachment.
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    How "slouchy" can I get?

    On weekends I have the app running while I am doing remodeling in my house. Old ratty clothes on sometimes covered in saw dust, and not a single complaint or down rating yet. Tips are still in the average range for the year.
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    Upset over unfair customer ratings

    Yep, 1* usually means PAX is going to request a refund from Uber who will happily give it to them without asking the driver anything. I have pretty much tied all my 1* ratings to pax that had their payments adjusted to $0.00, only twice Uber tried to not pay me and I fought those both off and...
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    I try to avoid Pool rides as much as possible, I have done a few with no negative out comes but I do try to avoid them. I refuse to do Lyft Pools.
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    Happy festivus!

    Please wait to December 23 to air your grievances.
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    What time of day do you drive?

    I have a Full-Time Mon - Fri so my driving is limited to after leaving work on week days, any where from 5 - 7 pm, and driving weekends. I normally turn on the app as I am wrapping up at my day job and depending on what I have to do that evening I may drive as late as midnight Mon - Thu. On...
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    Riders can Bypass giving drivers a rating

    It took me about 800 trips to get 500 rated trips on Uber. Been driving for around 1 yr 9 mths.
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    Woohoo! I scored the coveted 2 stars!

    I have two 2 *'s I'm proud of both of them I had 1 2* and it dropped off and i was immediately rewarded with 2 more, so I'll have them a while.
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    What are the deductions I can claim as a Uber/Lyft Part time driver

    If you had an unlimited plan before you started driving U/L and continued with that same unlimited plan,can you realistically claim a business percentage use?
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    Is this true

    Business Miles. I turn my app on at home. Wait a while, if I don't get any pings I go looking for work. These are business miles. There are days where I may drive up to 10 miles looking for work and never get a ping. For one to say these are all commute miles is unrealistic. Having proper...
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    If I drove part time for Uber and made 5 grand gross pay in 6 months.....

    By keeping a proper mileage log. You can have business miles with the app off. There are other miles that can be partially claimed with proper documentation.