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    Are tickets tax deductible?

    Are fees paid to a ticket clinc or lawyer to get you out of a traffic ticket deductible? 1563828362
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    Canceled ride after i find out it is a long one at 3 a.m. Cuss storm followed.

    Uber has a nice way of omitting the 45+ warning on trips when they know drivers in that particular area will not accept them. Let me explain a little and this of course is all theory because I don't work for Uber. However it happens to me often. In theory Uber sees/knows on average when I stop...
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    Destination Filter overshooting

    Uber DF did this to me the other day. I run DF on my way to work and set it for 1 mile closer than my work place. I get a pickup request and before they get in my car I ask where they are going. 30 miles south of my work, I cancelled and he was pissed. Told him sorry Uber screwed up and went to...
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    Are tickets tax deductible?

    And no I did not get a ticket, I did get pulled over and the ticket free event did trigger this question. If I get a ticket while doing ride share can I deduct it as an expense on my taxes?
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    Non monetary tips

    This past weekend I returned a phone to a PAX at a strip club, he wanted to buy me a lap dance, I convinced him just to give me the cash instead.
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    Do you leave both apps open?

    I work both apps at the same time and depending on volume and length of trip I will go offline on the other app and turn it back on as I near the destination. I work in a slow market so it is important to me to keep up my acceptance rate as I think it does play a role into the number of pings...
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    Bizarre Document Issue and Support Call

    I scan my documents to a jpeg file and crop them to make sure they show the 4 corners of the document and then upload them. This is the only way I can get a document approved. It has become a royal pain. I think we can thank the scammers that have multiple accounts. As far as the selfie thing...
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    The Front Seat thing, again.

    I really don't care where people sit I have 4 seats available. Pick one, and lets go.
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    All Surges Not Equal

    I think most surges are put out to manipulate drivers into moving to where Uber wants them to be. Perhaps the flat dollar amounts are different because they recognize different drivers will move for different dollar amounts so they are trying to get drivers to move for the cheapest they can...
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    4 hour ride request - would you have taken it?

    At best you would have made @ $0.37 per mile on the trip guessing you would have only got the $2.00 sticky surge. That is driving there and driving back with no trips. What does it cost you to operate your car per mile? I'm guessing you would not have lost money, but would you really make enough...
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    All Surges Not Equal

    I'm not saying Uber is not playing games. However there are other variables that come into play. Data plan connection speeds and carriers make a big difference. Phones with a slightly faster connection are going to update quicker. The amount of data ones persons phone is using in the background...
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    Stuff that happens outside of the car.

    I asked a local deputy sheriff I know about this. He told me from the time they start the car that it takes 11 minutes for all the systems to come up and start working. He also said it takes another 15 minutes to properly shut them down. This is why they leave their car running when they get out...
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    Non monetary tips

    I keep a small cooler in my car and have access to free ice at many places in the areas I drive so keeping fish clod is never an issue. Sometimes on my way home I stop and catch Mangrove Snapper for dinner. The cooler always comes in handy.
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    What's the best way to handle this? [Long Wait At Stop 1 In A MultiStop Trip]

    In my slow market I can't ignore either company each company has their issues, I work around them. Some weeks Lyft is 75% of my business, some weeks Uber is the majority. Most weeks it is about 50/50.
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    Mileage, depreciation: IC vs Employee

    I would think not. The money may be based on the past however it is taxed in the year you received it so I don't see why anyone would need to amend their past taxes.