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    TIPS are not showing up in App?

    I normally get 50-75% of the riders tip. On two separate days now 20 rides both days and zero tips? Anybody else not getting tips that are not showing in the pay?
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    May 17th SELECT culling...

    Has anybody noticed the Select rides have dropped dramatically ever since uber showed the price comparisons along side each other on the rider app? That is poor marketing. I spoke to a guy who owns many prominent restaurants in LA who uses "Market Price" all the time for high end food. He said...
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    It's Over. Uber rates fall below cost to operate a vehicle in L.A.

    The new rates are terrible for the driver. What can we do about this? Seems we need to organize together to let Uber know this is going to kill the driver. All the people I drive acknowledge the price is already too low. If Uber needs more money all they should do is raise the rider rate not...
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    Vibrate Mode for ride request?

    Does anybody know how to get the iPhone to vibrate for rider requests? I get the pop up window and sound but when my phone is in my pocket and I am in a loud area I can't hear or see the request. Does the app have vibrate mode for rider requests?
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    Bank of America outside of JWA

    JWA knows roughly how many now that they charge riders a $2.25 fee for each uber ride from the airport..
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    Bank of America outside of JWA

    Yep gotta love JWA and the majority of $4.00 - $7.50 rides to the local hotels. Uber needs to put a minimum fee of say $10 for uber x. making $2.40 on the minimum ride is really too low. Cheapens the uber experience for the rider and hurts the drivers income, thus making the driver call ahead...
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    Doing Uber Plus and x at the same time

    ok so the take away is that for plus the dress code is the same as for x? I have been wearing shorts, polo and flip flops during the week and tshirts on weekends. I work and live in south Orange County CA. and it's hot out. ratings are normal. 2,000 + rides my rating is 4.83 currently.