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    Uber to give drivers millions of face masks to battle coronavirus

    I think Uber got a hold all the defective masks that were sent back to China for dirt cheap. This is the only scenario would make sens if they actually planning to give out.
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    Have you ever had a smelly passenger?

    One time I was driving an Indian guy back home from a soccer game. I almost died in the car.... not kidding or exaggerating
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    Uber support is AWFUL

    Didn't Uber also promise hand sanitizer for drivers? Don't expect anything, they are nothing but a bunch of crooks
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    Ants that still driving now is just stupid. At least switch to uber eats where you can drop the food and run like the UPS drivers do.
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    I'm out til the situation gets better, too much risk and too little money. Big cities got free hand sanitizers already, here buffalo drivers taking a huge risk with zero protection....not for me even I'm young and healthy.
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    3 confirmed cases in Erie county now? How are you guys preparing? Mask? Stopped driving? I think I gonna call it quit for right now.
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    Funny Corona is one of my goto selections when I hit the bar. About $800 with cash this week for me. Had to cut short last night due to UFC event. Stay safe everyone!!
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    Fun with short trips

    Both my AR and cancellation are destroyed, bot complaining since I use it as my advantage.
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    Uncle Mercs Story Time Thread

    Yesterday was a busy day all around. Met some generous paxs, almost 80 in tips, had $20,20,10 all from 5.0 rating paxs. Made close to 400, ended right before the peak time at 2am. Was just too tired eventhough was surging around 13 when shut down Personal best app tip 20 Personal best cash tip 20
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    Fun with short trips

    Those precious points, wasted diamond worth of points last quarter, this quarter will prob go to waste as well
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    Fun with short trips

    It was a cheapie 366 fair and uber took the hit on rest. It was one of those unusual high surge then make you wait like hell ride. I got lucky since was my first ride n was able to wait at home. We need a thread for highest cash tip and on app. This year started good, $20 cash tip n $10 on app.
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    Fun with short trips

    From south lake village to wilkeson quad today. Not the shortest but did scored a big surge.
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    Snow storm surge

    I scored $9 surge on the very first ride. It surged right where I live, so was happy to be able to wait comfortably at home. Those surges are very unpredictable with wait time lately.