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    Snow storm surge

    I scored $9 surge on the very first ride. It surged right where I live, so was happy to be able to wait comfortably at home. Those surges are very unpredictable with wait time lately.
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    best way to deal with 4 PAX trying to get in backseat, and some of your experiences

    These are cheap @@@@ers, I always ask $5 upfront, they will pay because they know it's still cheaper than xl.
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    NYE gameplan

    Non stop surges and pings after 12:30 in DT. Im pretty sure all the pro gold were only accepting rides with 3 miles and less, and left the blue with all the far distance paxs. my cancellation jumped from 2-6%, no way im taking someone to tonawanda, lockport, hamburg, clarence, during the peak.
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    Pothole blues

    almost like they forgot to patch up or repair over the summer. half the roads in DT are heavily faded with little or no markings.
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    NYE gameplan

    good that you got that much, def. underestimated the XL demand for NYE. did pretty good last night but my cancellation % took a hit. anyone who could see paxs distance should be making a killing last night.
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    NYE gameplan

    Xl probably only account for 10% of total rides. You should just accept all rides.
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    Pothole blues

    The projector will have a baseball sized lens in the headlight, non projector is just reflector housing inside.
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    Pothole blues

    My car came with oem projector headlights. I was going to add, don't do it if you don't have projector in your car. I have light sensitivity issue myself, so I can't stand when ppl don't use the bulb properly.
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    Pulled over , got written warning "illegal use of blue light"

    The cops here(upstate New York) give zero @@@@s about those uber/lyft lights. Pax can spot you with ease and you can occasionally pick up cash rides like taxi.
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    A First For Me!

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    Uber now makes it impossible to take a snapshot of fare detail page

    Got it. Was referring to airport wait status. Turned off and on, and fixed the issue.
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    Uber now makes it impossible to take a snapshot of fare detail page

    It's a phone glitch? Mine doesn't show airport waiting queue anymore. Can someone confirm.
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    Surge City

    It will be busy from now til the eve with all the Christmas party goers. people generally tip well around the holiday time.