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    Corona Virus = $$$

    truth. 1583729615
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    Not sure where I said I was driving underage children around. And yes, everyone of us, including yourself is a small business owner, of course I am going to capitalize on the fact that even though there are ZERO cases here in WNY, dummies like you are too afraid to drive! 1583723391 Does this...
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    Well, I didn't drive much in Feb, if not Corona Vs. any logical reasons why?
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    I think you’re crazy if you’re out driving in this epidemic

    Yes, I believe EVERYTHING a passenger tells me! Stay off the road, clown! This is no worse than the flu and we've all had the flu.
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    Corona Virus = $$$

    I am sure you have all noticed that Uber has been surging like I've never seen this past week and I've been driving from day one. The only logical reason is there are less drivers on the road and the only reason for that is the fear of Corona Virus. Keep up the panic mainstream media and let me...
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    Surge pricing

    1581902797 So I took an Uber from NT to WS last night and was charged a 2.1X surge. I thought uber got rid multipliers and went with a flat rate surge.
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    Three Point Ride Hours?

    100% agree with Merc! Don't care about Uber Pro at all and I wish the app would show my daily earning instead of points on the main screen on certain nights. I don't give two F's on how many points I have, my acceptance rate will never be high enough for Pro.
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    Uber still trying to lower my Gold status

    Don't worry about Gold Status, it is a scam! Smart drivers who make money will never have an 85% acceptance rate.
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    Thank you UB Student.

    I actually got a $3 tip on a $3.66 ride last night. Unicorns do exist. ?
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    Well, You Asked For It...

    No thanks.
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    HONESTLY.....what would you do? Let’s see...............

    Hard cancel. My "gold" standing will be long gone by Oct 31st anyways.
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    Well, You Asked For It...

    Just listened to the podcast. Total disaster. $5 whole dollars from downtown to Lockport at 230 am on a Saturday night.
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    Ant City !!!?

    The girls from NYC at Buff State are the absolute worst!
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    Happy Labor Day! Now get back to work...

    To all the: School Teachers Teachers Aides Bus Drivers Bus Aides Cafeteria Workers And anyone else who works in K-12 that drives during the summer ruining it for the rest of us. Your absence will not be missed.
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    Some Charts...

    I don't need no fancy charts, If I am not averaging at least $20/hour it is time to turn the apps off and go home.