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    Why don't we strike?

    I will be there....... that's my answer for now.
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    Why don't we strike?

    Look it's your problem then if you have your plans and act as an individual then don't reply at all I don't need your opinion. About the vehicle I drive, I used to drive a 2007 Prius until it broke down and mechanics asked 3k to fix it. Like most of the people I don't have 3k to fix a prius...
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    Why don't we strike?

    Seriously, rideshare drivers I can not stand for this bullshit and let it to hurts us every day again and again. I drive in San Francisco and I drove in San Diego and Los Angeles before. I was a private car service driver(limo) before uber long time ago. This has been my job , this is how I...
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    Uber's business model and future plans require hiding destinations from drivers

    Thank you for telling one more time what's going on to stupid people who thinks uber is still good. Uber screwed my life like many other millions of low income people. I was a driver before uber and I still drive for this scam. By the way I'm homeless I sleep and work with same car... Probably...
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    About the earnings change

    What I see as a driver do mostly airport runs , I will lose 2 bucks average on downtown trips. So uber always wins. By the way the passenger was charged 2 dollar more on the trip with new payment uber just applied in bay area