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    SF may consider cutting speed limits to 20 miles per hour

    Are they going to make texting and walking 1 mph 12 ft away from a crosswalk illegal? or enforce it? Situational awareness is a much more important factor for vision 0 than speed.
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    Anyone make 400 last night driving with Lyft?

    There was no bonus for the week, thus I didn't do the full time driving.
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    LYFT stock drops below $40 a share,it's at its all time low?

    I'm debating whether to buy Lyft's stock when it drops to $0.72. It's just that given how they treat their drivers what with taking far more than the 25% they advertise, bait and switch, giving their long-time drivers $4 rides to lure in the "replacement suckers" with higher paying rides.. I...
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    How often do you wash your car?

    every time the rates go up
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    Some posts state that they don’t pick up riders with <4.8

    I hope you're right but I don't think it's so. Compare: meet a gal who snuck into a club. Both get drunk sleep together. Turns out she's 17. or-- Bartender serves alcohol to someone who used a fake ID. They wrap their car around a tree. 19 woth fake license. I suspect this could still be a...
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    Some posts state that they don’t pick up riders with <4.8

    I can tell certain social skill differences and just plain politeness differences between 5.0 and 4.9. I'm fairly tolerant of most people. Didn't care for that drunk girl who grabbed my stereo and kept playing with the buttons because she didn't like the music. Painful lack of class. Also, I...
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    Question for you Prius drivers?

    prius saved me 5k in gas per year, each of the last 3+years doing lyft. New battery doesnt scare me. Also, It was only a few years around 2007 that people had problems with their batteries. I'm at almost 130k miles. Very. Hard SF miles. No probs here. Many pax said they put 300k on prius no...
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    No matter how much Uber exploits its workers, it still can’t make money

    Cheaper, more ethical and profitable, probably even more legal.
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    Total expenses per hour

    I had a breakdown but too tired to find. Somewhere around $9 per hour is what I figured. Driving prius. your varying mileage? Someone get all excel-spreadsheety on me!
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    You should not believe the ‘happy’ drivers

    I've done 175 in ~70hrs and a lot of people work longer than I have. I'm sure there are fake people all over the web but what difference does it make? I come here to stimulate ideas, learn about traffic, etc. I generally trust most people here are real. I don't think it's super easy making 2k/wk...
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    Accept Onerous Conditions & Make Less Money!

    What would happen if all the drivers did exactly 25 mph through the city? My guess is the traffic would be backed up 3 hrs every direction.