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    Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: Uber is not worth investing in because it has no cash flow CNBC Videos
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    Is Amazon Flex phasing out small vehicles?

    You might find this helpful
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    What goes around, comes around

    Thought this was a good one
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    Uber IPO/Stock Falls Another 7%

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    Uber admits driver 'dissatisfaction' and workplace culture are IPO risk factors

    Yeah...I just read this article...same story, different verse.
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    Check out this article about Uber IPO... Gotta "love" this part: In light of these ongoing struggles, one line from Uber’s S-1...
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    My 1st day with Lyft in Dallas...frustratingly slow

    If you're getting 3-4 stars...there is a serious issue. When I was new...I got 5 stars for the first 20 rides or so with maybe 1 4 star from a SMU student. Reasons: Your car has body damage, is dirty inside and/or out or it smells like smoke or something else offensive. You're driving too fast...
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    XL with captains chairs?

    I do Black and was going back and forth between bench and captain seats for the 2nd row. I went with Captain's seats and am glad I did...the pax love it and have commented how nice it is. So many of the BlackSUV's are suburbans with the bench seat, I wanted to feel different. I think it's...
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    ‘Emotional support animal’ mauls 5-year-old at Portland Airport, lawsuit claims

    No kidding...the long term effects of that will total well over $1 opinion anyway. 1551585708 I am sorry, but I do not buy the whole Emotional Support animal thing. It's just a way for pet owners to be able to bring their dog (or whatever) on a plane and inside stores. "Official"...
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    Uber and Lyft drivers will reportedly get stock in the highly anticipated IPOs []

    I hope this happens. It doesn't affect me, but it would be fantastic for the long-term drivers that have hung in there with Uber and/or Lyft over the years.
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    People downvoting for no reason???

    While I/we don't frequently use UberEats...we do on occasion. I always give a ?? and minimum $6 cash tip and thank them for getting out when I didn't feel like it. I figure you're braving the elements/traffic to bring me food when I don't want to cuz I don't feel like getting dressed, am...
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    Anyone have the Dallas Drivers Permit?

    I see you posted a link...for Black Car need the permit, for others, you do not. Everyone needs a DFW Permit.
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    In dash-navigation?

    I agree with NOX...the time it would take to ender the info into the car nav would be an issue and would almost certainly annoy the passengers. To put it in of my cars is a Tesla with a HUGE screen. I love the map/nav and prefer it over the phone nav, but have only used it as a...
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    Oh! Free water. I'll take all of them!

    I supply water for my Black/Black SUV pax. Most don't take it though. My goal is different than when I was doing X/Select where I offered nothing extra other than a clean, safe ride and my sparkling personality. Since doing livery, my aim is to get private clients, so I have no qualms about...
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    Banking account question

    Hello...I’m newly set up for livery. Do those of you who have >1 Rideshare account, namely acct(s) for Black as well as a regular Uber acct, have all funds deposited into your Business account or do you deposit the non-black acct funds into your personal account? I’m assuming all go into the...