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  1. El Janitor

    Is this question OK?

    So in my experience the destination filter is a funny tool. Ive set it and gotten teh "destination filter isn't available right now." Because it's rush hour, and that's what they do sometimes. Or somehow the passenger they ask me to pick up is 7- 15 miles away, and out of the way, but Uber feels...
  2. El Janitor

    School is Back In Session How Do You Deal with Unaccompanied Minor Requests?

    Cancellation fee? Uber pays you for canceling a trip when it's an unaccompanied minor, or only if you wait 5 minutes first then cancel? I've never seen that they pay me when I cancel for unaccompanied minor, it's always my loss, kinda like suck it up buttercup.
  3. El Janitor

    What music during trips?

    I make my own playlists, cause I'm tired of the radio, so tired of the radio. However I highly recommend making sure if you do use your own playlists you put these songs in there somewhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeAp1fPt8Eg I gladly welcome any suggestions to add for the ultimate...
  4. El Janitor

    School is Back In Session How Do You Deal with Unaccompanied Minor Requests?

    I have to say so far toda Unfortunately if you got into an accident with a minor in the car I would imagine, Uber would start by suspending you, and getting ready to deactivate you permanently. Can't say how the litigation would go, if there was any. I also can't say what your own insurance...
  5. El Janitor

    School is Back In Session How Do You Deal with Unaccompanied Minor Requests?

    So I'm watching the news and here in LA school is back in session. Reminds me I can't pick up anyone under 18, and I know the pings will be coming in, and rides will have to be canceled, and angry parents will be sending nasty texts. So Here's my tips to avoid the hassle. • Know what times the...
  6. El Janitor

    Pax don't like dash cams.

    I had a child ask, and I said it's for everyones safety. If someone does make a huge deal out of it, I would do my best to ignore them until we reach there destination, or I'm happy to end the ride early and they can take another Uber, or the bus or whatever. Don't take crap from passengers...
  7. El Janitor

    At what point is it cheaper to replace a car rather than keep repairing?

    When you can afford to replace it. Honestly look at your personal budget and ask yourself ,"Can I afford to make new car payments with the flow of my current income?" If the answer is NO then you need to keep what you have until you can afford something else. Don't buy a new car and hope that...
  8. El Janitor

    Get ready for the ponies!!!

    Hmmm, I would think a Pony is a mode of transportation, tel them to buy a saddle or chariot and cancel the ride.
  9. El Janitor

    Who was your most memorable rider?

    First week I pick up "The World Traveler." I pick up the guy and he's staying in an apartment building right outside The local State College ( well known starts with a C ends with an N). So he asks me if I would mind making it a round trip because he just needs to go to a pharmacy like 1 or 2...
  10. El Janitor

    POLL : Do you tell people you rideshare or do you hide it

    I don't get the negative association with this. I've heard plenty of really bad negative stereotypes about ride share drivers. Just like all the negative stereotypes about people who work at a fast food place, or deliver pizza. Things like, " Are you ever going to get a real job?" Where in my...
  11. El Janitor

    Why not get a regular job

    :) I have a degree in a field that is supposed to pay lots of money. I have experience, knowledge, and I'm always looking for work in the field I was in. Sometimes all I can get is contract work for a few months, but usually most jobs are filled by younger less experienced, individuals that...
  12. El Janitor

    Is this a scam

    Yeah WTF is this? I'm weary about this also.
  13. El Janitor

    Domestic dispute

    WAWA had this brisket sandwich, soo good. Smells like hot dog food, but it's really good. I wonder of they still have it? Oh yeah and the people we sometimes pick up huh? I try to not get involved anymore.
  14. El Janitor

    How much do you get paid per mile not including time?

    I stopped fighting this and so many other things. I get in the car and wonder how much will I make today? Then I realize no matter how I try, no matter what tactics I use, I make whatever I make come the end of my time. I hope nobody hits me, screwing up my source of income. I know the miles...
  15. El Janitor

    Since playing "no more Mr. Nice Guy" my ratings have started to nose dive.

    Oh we can do this however you like. I'm just a stupid Uber Driver. Oki Doki Loki you're the boss!