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    How Do You make This Work For You?

    So I'm still Ubering, and my current boss sometimes makes me want to quit his wonderful place of employment for so many reasons. However that ugly reminder comes back around, "Well what will you do to pay the rent?" Now I don't quit my job to drive Uber. There was literally no jobs out there at...
  2. El Janitor

    Time for tires

    $70 Prepaid card that you can use anywhere on a set of Michelin tires ends 12-13-2019 ...
  3. El Janitor

    Getting other U/L drivers as PAX

    Ok I've been a passenger a few times. I've had good experiences and bad as a passenger. All kinds of drivers, all kinds of passengers.
  4. El Janitor

    ❄Entitlement of the Snowflake Millennial Pax❄

    Not a passenger can a passenger can't. Sorry about that. I guess we can't edit posts after someone replies now .
  5. El Janitor

    ❄Entitlement of the Snowflake Millennial Pax❄

    Day 1 transportation training. "You are in control of the vehicle you are driving. No passenger can order you to do anything that is unsafe regardless of who they are." So this rule applies to military transportation, and I think it's solid. In my opinion a passenger can tell you what route to...
  6. El Janitor

    Uber is Evil, Pure Evil

    Hmmm. So I think theres a terms of service page https://help.uber.com/riders/article/signing-up-as-a-minor?nodeId=4e0a8853-f252-4a49-a181-aff7a2e0ec15 and...
  7. El Janitor

    Who Has Any Experience Driving Uber With an Electric Vehicle?

    So I had no idea Fiat makes an all electric vehicle in the 500 line. I know that electric vehicles aren't booming as much as some reports say. However they are the future. Hybrid vehicles are popular the Prius is praised for its gas mileage. Tesla is making an "affordable model", and electric...
  8. El Janitor

    Uber& lyft drivers and math!

    https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/superiority-complex . Some reading for you.
  9. El Janitor

    Newbie! Seeking pointers

    Get a dash cam, buy nice waterproof seat covers, don't drive the " Drunk Shuttle" hours unless you wan't your car to small like puke. Don't pick up any minors, don't discuss politics, and religion unless you're ready for any kind of verbal altercation that could become possibly violent. I...
  10. El Janitor

    He drives 60 hours a week for Uber. He’s still homeless. UberX / SanFranciso Market

    There are some people who don't even have a car to sleep in, let alone provide them with income. I don't know what to say about all the homeless people that I see, and it seems like there's more and more homeless people everyday. I certainly wish there was a solution like employment, that...
  11. El Janitor

    Account Owner Ordered Ride, Wanted Item Delivered

    Although Drop Shipping isn't illegal, you just never know what you might be transporting. .............."No officer that's not my cocaine in the backpack. Wanna hear a funny story, my last ping asked me to drop this off at the destination, I didn't know what was in the bag."
  12. El Janitor

    California contractor law doesn't apply, says Uber

    I’m so glad to know that you’re enjoying your steak and lobster.
  13. El Janitor

    California contractor law doesn't apply, says Uber

    So what would Uber look like as an employee? What changes would be made to the vehicles we drive? How would Uber determine our wages? Last time I checked minim wage in Los Angeles is $13.25 -$14.25/ hr. ( I know it varies depending on the average cost of living in every geographical location in...
  14. El Janitor

    Make $1000 A Week Rent A Hyre Car

    No offense but as my original post, if you do make 1k a week like the advertisement says is possible, I would love for you to post your earning statements to back this claim.( You can black out your name etc for your own protection, using paint, or photoshop, or Preview ). Driving how many hours...
  15. El Janitor

    Make $1000 A Week Rent A Hyre Car

    I'm a bit fed up with seeing this. On an average week driving 40plus hrs a week, I'm lucky to make $600 a week gross income. I've heard it from other people I know," My friend so and so is an Uber driver, and they make really good money." I already talked with one Uber driver who rents a car and...