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Recent content by Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

  1. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Uber Eats Vehicle Question

    Whats a nest egg anyway?
  2. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    I will video and report drivers taking kids with no car seats

    Tuscaloosa AL I am a driver I do have my own child car seat but the only time there was a child that small they did have their own LOL
  3. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Working Tuscaloosa

    I would say that a person driving here in Tuscaloosa on campus alone can make 150 a day - that is thinking after driving here for 2 yrs that here is about 54% income bracket for this city. That is with a 3rd row seat vehicle which allows you to work X and XL UBER LYFT UBER-EATS INSTACART Rent...
  4. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Yay - The night before what one rider called the biggest college football game ever 145 dollars in 4 hours - just about the same amount that is expected from a ride to the Birmingham Int. airport. and close to the same amount of time
  5. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    BTW I would like Mississippi to win TODAY sorry for caps / and Drivers for Uber should not have choice on team but Trophy! why because of Millitary affiliation.
  6. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Calling all Mississippi drivers!

    Hey Im from Tuscaloosa, AL / and visited Columbus Mississippi for a day - ate at the Profits Porch there. it was GREAT / but I noticed there were only 2 other uber or lyft drivers around and the only resteraunts on uber-eats were both McDonalds just 2 -2 of them / so Anyway it is not all that...
  7. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Hey start a Tuscaloosa thread?
  8. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Best tip I've ever gotten

    I gave my first 8 tips to the Church - LOL / my Highest tip ever was 42 dollars UBER-EATS / highest surge 90 DOLLARS
  9. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tried Mystro for the first time today

    any replies from people who actually work
  10. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior


    I have been driving here in Tuscaloosa Alabama since march 2017 in the UA area, I feel that work is steady here but not during the students summer break which is about 3 months long last year at the Int airport there seemed to be about 29 avg in que this year 2018 there is like 50 wow uber...
  11. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Any tips on running Uber and Lyft simultaneously

    Do it in a Mazda / rated in last place LOL
  12. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    I seriously hate drunks!

    So you meet a pastor who is an uber driver come to find the person doesnt drink lol oops what if they deliver for the resteraunt that is also a bar and package lounge which technically is illeagal / shhh without knowing mistakenly I think here is our cancel ratings system / so far I have 2...
  13. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    I seriously hate drunks!

    Hardware Store
  14. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    I seriously hate drunks!

    Uber-Eats gonna make a few extra bucks / Right then you get a call to deliver from package loungs Dump the brand new uber eats rooftop magnet into the brand new delivery bag Trash Baby thats ok no tips for going up 3 flights of stairs worried about your car illeagally parked and warnings...
  15. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tuscaloosa, AL - War Eagles or Affiliate

    I have a confession - I have never taken a foreign UBER ride.