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    Done with ride sharing!!

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    Done with ride sharing!!

    Lol well a lot have come and gone over the years. You know these new people have no respect for the elders. 1577907194 Thanks bro. It was definitely a good feeling when I took those plates off. The day that I went to the DMV on Rockaway parkway TLC police was park in the parking lot. Glad I...
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    Done with ride sharing!!

    Add me to the data base @jaybx17 . Started 4 1/2 years ago and so much has changed . I know this is a tired story but back then money was easy to make and you did not have to spend all day on the road you would still have time to make some money and take the family out . Leaving home to spend...
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    Hey Uber

    You do know driving a taxi is not the only driving job in the world right.
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    I hope when you got out the car and look at him with a SMH.
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    Seatbelt stains on shirt

    your seat belt gets dirty from you eating and dropping food on it or your wearing dirty shirts often and when you put on a new shirt the stain goes onto that shirt. Seat belts don't leave a stain unless the belt is dirty. It that was the case these car manufacturers would be getting sued left...
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    Send rider thanks

    Only thing I see is a pool trip. I guess that's common around here now.
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    We will overcome

    I read the first two paragraphs then scrolled down to the comments.
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    I miss GETT

    A lot of drivers holding on hoping that those days will come back . Those days I use to piss money away because all I had to do was put in the work over the weekend and get it back . Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings JFK with 3.9 surge easily 1K over those 3 days .
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    My own 5 borough marathon

    Nice hopefully you got paid good for that extra miles
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    Be careful/Warning!

    No i No I'm not that skilled.
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    I Don't mean to be a purple eggplant about it but could we see proof? .
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    not sure if nypd is in on this.

    This is old. I was on Atlantic ave about 2 years ago and a unmark police car had that old square box Uber light up sign in the window. it's not to get Uber or Lyft drivers but maybe people driving reckless or some other crime. If your committing a crime and you see a car with the Uber sign you...
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    Most amazing trip I've had in 2 years doing rideshare

    So she is super rich and did not have a private base pick her up in a platinum escalade.