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    Festival International

    Oh, yeah. I ain't driving at those hours. I guess I'll stay broke.
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    WAITR Drivers Needed in Baton Rouge!

    Yeah, I have ZERO experience doing this in Baton Rouge. Here in Lafayette it's not bad. But BR is a much larger city with a larger city's problems. All I know is that I don't eeeeeeeeeeeeeven try to go through BR at rush hour.
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    Festival International

    Well, I guess that's the confirmation that I'm doing something wrong. :(
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    Festival International

    I was there, too. I found it to be barely better than a normal Friday/Saturday night. But then again, I could be doing something wrong.
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    WAITR Drivers Needed in Baton Rouge!

    So I dropped by the HQ in Lafayette tonight and the "Dash" personnel informed me that things are really booming in BR and they need lots of drivers. I don't know if any of you have considered it. I haven't checked in on here in a while. But anyway, I'm working like 30 hours a week and...
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    Have you received any interesting tips?

    The other night a guy asked if I had change for his $100 bill. I offered the $31 that I had, but he declined. :(
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    RideShare Insurance and Veterans

    Maybe you can cancel your policy and then re-apply?
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    Crew Cab Pickup for UberX

    I Uber in a 2015 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel crew cab. I tuned it and am getting 27 mpg in town. Was getting 23 before. On the highway I get 31+ at 70 MPH.
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    USAA now offering ride share insurance in Louisiana.

    I got mine this morning. I had to cancel with them a few months ago because they weren't offering it. Now they are. Might not be a bad idea to check them out if you qualify for membership.
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    Uber hires former attorney general Eric Holder to investigate sexual harassment

    Let's hope the harasser isn't black! Holder won't go after anybody of color.
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    RideShare Insurance and Veterans

    Yup. I had to drop USAA in order to get TNC (transportation networking company) insurance with State Farm because USAA didn't offer it here in Louisiana. That increased my rate by ~$100 per month. :( But USAA began offering it in Louisiana on February 18th, so I got it this morning! Plus...
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    Surge from Phx to Tucson.

    Nice! Just a couple of days ago, I got a ping to go from our Lafayette airport to the Baton Rouge airport. About 60 miles. I thought it was strange, but what had happened was that Delta paid them to not take the flight the rest of the way. They were 3 strangers and decided to split the cost...
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    Anybody Tried getting Unemployment?

    I can only tell you that here in Louisiana, I have been paying "unemployment insurance" to the state since I incorporated. There was a slow period a few years ago when I went to the unemployment office to see about collecting. Good news: They said I qualified! Bad news: They made it so that...