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    Driving while receiving Unemployment

    Well I had wages from a job that I did in 2019 also that I no longer work for so I just applied for unemployment using Uber as last employer and my wages from 2019 were the only wages that showed up so they gave me $335 a week plus my $600. @@@@ Uber and PUA.
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    Driving while receiving Unemployment

    How about don’t be stupid and just take the EDD money. Why risk driving and losing the money you have already got? Some people still have got no money and he/she is worried about driving while having money. Sounds like a stupid person to me
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    They passed the bill are we gonna get paid!!

    You’re so dumb. Why did you tell Uber just to maybe get some money. Sorry but Uber is not paying you. Good luck. Can even get the proper surge paid out with proof. Stupid little ant!!
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    Would you take an offer for work from someone you were a bit screwed by before?

    I wasn’t deactivated and you’re the troll. Yes you got played. I have seen the video. You helped put the wheelchair in the trunk. Then you let a guy who barely spoke English punk you. Then you let a dog punk you by sitting on your seat.
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    A lot more crap rides out there.....

    Then don’t drive. You should know that only crap rides are out there right now. $3 with no tip and a chance of catching corona no thank you. If you do take the ride pop trunk from inside and don’t move. Let them put groceries in the trunk. If they don’t want to then get cancel fee and move on...
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    Would you take an offer for work from someone you were a bit screwed by before?

    🤣🤣🤣. This guy again. You took that one disabled rider to the airport with the dog and you got played. Also gave the rider a 5 * when he was a 1*. Go get on your knees and take the job.
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    Dara Letter to POTUS

    Might as well go get on your knees and milk him. Dude, he wrote a letter nothing more. Says Uber has 10B, but not a $1 going towards drivers. Only way you get money from Uber is to test positive for Coronavirus. You’re a joke bro!!
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    Uber Should Be Ashamed

    Uber does it because they’re actually people like you who would drive in this pandemic. Don’t act like you didn’t accept that. You ain’t fooling nobody. 🤣 1584742825 You know he accepted that ping. Don’t be fooled
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    109 min ride @ 12:45pm would you take it?

    I have picked up a lot of white trash with Lyft also.
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    109 min ride @ 12:45pm would you take it?

    Thanks for backing me up. Lyft tips for me are non existent. I would agree that Lyft is more urban or just less classy people in general. Usually on most Uber rides I don’t cringe or have buyers regret when I pull up to the pax at location. With Lyft I seem to cringe a ton more when I see the...
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    Ruined two pax's 5.00 ratings

    Wow 10k rides and only 50 ratings of less than 5*. You just have some patience and to be honest both of those rides would have been 1 star and I would have kicked out the ride of 5 before it got that far. I hate people who switch up destination last minute. If your trip is significantly farther...
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    109 min ride @ 12:45pm would you take it?

    Lyft riders are already lower quality than Uber riders in my opinion so a 45 minute ride with a girl named Shaunteen, yeah I will pass.
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    Lyft vs Uber Pax

    Finally turned on Lyft after 3 months of not using it since Uber tells us our destination. Uber has been so slow so I decided to give Lyft a try again since they’re offering decent guarantees in Sacramento. I think I realized why I turned off Lyft in the first place and it has to do with the...
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    Can we refuse if a passenger wants a ride sneezing and coughing??? I dont want to be a $4.00 ride to the ER

    Funny how you say that it’s your choice but then stating that if you were forced into that. I don’t get it, who would force you? Uber ? Pax?