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  1. DougT

    Driving in Plattesburgh

    Does anyone know what it is like to drive in Plattsburgh NY? I am thinking of moving there and wondering if I can make the same as in Burlington.
  2. DougT

    Car Inspection Sticker Renewal with Uber

    After several attempts - and getting them to realize we do not have a green light hub, they said in Vermont it is not necessary. I do not trust them for next year though - as when you talk to different people there, they all say different things. I had to find one that would eliminate it and...
  3. DougT

    Car Inspection Sticker Renewal with Uber

    Is anyone else having issues with Uber about your car inspection sticker? They keep asking for a picture of the back and when I send they say its the wrong document! Now they are threatening to disconnect me. Several calls to them have resulted in all different solutions! Downloading documents...
  4. DougT

    The Burlington Airport queue is ridiculous

    I agree and will not use it either. I still get airport pings when there is someone in que!!
  5. DougT

    nearly all riders make you wait now

    I now wait for the 5 min, then cancel and put in a no show. I collect my $5 and move on. Pax gets charged. If all rivers did this, people would start to get it!!
  6. DougT

    Surcharges, Airport & Tidbits

    I have never seen a surcharge on airport runs OR a $.25 fee on city rides! When I go to request a quote on the links you provided I do not see these charges either??
  7. DougT


    I use Stride Drive app to keep track of expenses. I turn it on when I leave the house and off when I pull in at the end. Do not chase surges!! If you are in one great - but when you chase them it will go away. Keep up that star and acceptance rating Uber will tell you the acceptance ratting...
  8. DougT

    Master manipulation

    That is called "surge manipulation" and will get you deactivated immediately. Uber has seen this and knows how it works. I do not think it is worth loosing a good thing for a one time high fare, but that is just my thought.
  9. DougT

    Master manipulation

    Forget the surges!! If you happen to be in the middle of one, sit tight. If not - dont chase it.
  10. DougT

    UZURV qustion

    Can a passenger make several reservations at one time? For instance - A person needs to be picked up at the same time every day from the same place for 2 weeks. (from a hotel say)
  11. DougT

    Montpelier Drivers??

    Any drivers from the Montpelier area? Uber services the area but I never see available drivers there
  12. DougT

    Westbury park

    Download UZURV.com app. It is a reservation app where you can choose drivers ans post the reservations you want. Drivers can accept them.
  13. DougT

    Cargo - nice idea for drivers

    Here is a link that we can sign up for cargo. It is not in our area yet, but the more drivers we sign up the better our odds are! - getcargo.today
  14. DougT

    Mystro Question

    For those that use the Mystro app for Lyft and Uber: Mystro automatically accepts a ride coming in while I am currently on a ride. Normally this is fine. But at the end of my day (5 - 7:00) i can never just stop and go home as they are continually happening. I would cancel the second ride after...
  15. DougT

    So many Lyft cancellations

    why do I get so many Lyft cancellations within a minute or two after getting the ping? I just get turned around or started towards it and I get a cancellation. This happens alot and is very frustrating! It dosentt happen so much with Uber - but constantly with Lyft