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    IU out of session

    So, after May 5th, who stays in Bloomington to do this? I myself will work in Indy because I doubt the demand is very high once the students leave. I guess if we all leave then it might be good for someone to handle the locals and grad students. Just curious.
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    I love what I do!

    I love what I do!
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    Premium fare potential

    Has anybody else seen the "premium fare potential" when they are getting pinged? I have had it happen at least 6 or 7 times in the last 2 weeks. Fares seem to be better. It does tend to happen on riders that are well outside of the downtown/IU area. This is definitely different than the long...
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    Best Nights to Uber in Bloomington

    I was able to pull off 3 airport runs (2 in surge) on Friday. Love old st rd 37 through Morgan-Monroe forest when traffic is backed up 69 construction. I'll bet a lot of flights were missed
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    Spring Break

    Did anyone continue to work Bloomington this week? I live near Indy so I go there instead. I am just curious. I am assuming it is mostly dead.
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    New to all of this

    New to all of this