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    Where do you go for vehicle inspections?

    That is what I'd like to know...and HOW MUCH is it?
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    blue uber light

    I was pulled over last night on westbank for having blue uber light...threatened a ticket but let me same treatment in WBR a couple of weeks ago...asked BR police and he said it was ridiculous... who would mistake uber light for police? anyone else had similar problem?
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    Lyft in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores

    (Note: I can only do LYFT at beach...but it seems like there is more Lyft activity than Uber). Not real good. Drive long distances for pickups. Not a lot of demand. Majority of rides head to Flora Bama and it is hard to get pick ups there. Only real positive is that tips are relatively good.
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    I've been in places where the network is so bad (downtown NOLA) and it won't end a ride...sometimes even problems starting ride.....good advice about changing address...I usually do it, but in the future I will ALWAYS do it
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    News Rideshare Min. Wage set in New York

    Minimum wage idea is a bad one. Maybe Uber will be better after it goes public.
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    Lyft in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores

    Does Lyft operate on the beach area....Uber yet?
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    Stinky passengers

    Every now and then....some in BR too
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    return rides from MSY

    My Uber app doesn't show a number but I saw 87 cars waiting on my Lyft ap.
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    BEWARE Trips to Houma from MSY

    So I could take an Uber from MSY to Baton Rouge for $22.50 plus fees?
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    Is $1000/50 hrs BEFORE expenses realistic

    Last week in BR/NOLA 50+ hrs, $535. not so good
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    return rides from MSY

    I was getting a ride about 50% of the time after drop off at MSY. Last week I went 0 for 3. (All Lyft). Have they changed policy? Also, all week long running both apps, NO Uber pings. Zero, none. App on over 4/5 hours.
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    Loser trip

    Dropped pax off at MSY as pulling out I got Lyft bing to St. Rose....20+ minutes....ride was to LaPlace, 3.31 miles, 8 minutes $4.50 for me and I'm still in LaPlace. Only took is as it was ride 2 of 3 streak bonus. Lyft/Uber need to address long ride to pick up short rides.
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    Airport "Ride Matching"

    Worked once out of two Uber trips to MSY for me this weekend.
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    Do you mind short trips ? (Be honest)

    Short trips are great with LYFT when you're trying to get quota for weekly bonus.