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    Pandemic unemployment question

    It does look like you have been approved. If they need any additional documentation, they usually say that on the first page when you log in. In my case, I got a call from TWC for additional information.
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    Uber corporate layoff has started

    Once a minion, always a minion!
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    Uber corporate layoff has started
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    Finally showing $ for my Unemployment

    Finally received deposit from TWC. A little over 1K per week which is not bad at all. But my leisurely days will be over soon as I am getting ready to start a job next week.
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    Official Stock Market Ants Thread.

    I am doing long term. Also, I am 'investing' not 'trading' :)
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    Official Stock Market Ants Thread.

    I nibbled on these today: UMH, DOC, EMR, ETN I am mostly a long term income investor.
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    Officially done with gig-economy; off to bigger and better things

    Gilead's drug is not a vaccine. It is an antiviral that will help patient recover from Covid-19 and help them avoid complication. It is still under trial but it is the most promising drug so far. Gilead's stock does pay a nice ~3% dividend but don't expect a lot of revenue from Remdesivir even...
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    Is anyone still driving?

    My last ride was on March 8th. I do not have any plan to drive until situation improves a lot.
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    Share your story

    How about this - "Bullets are cheap. Even Uber drivers can afford them." This should keep the pax quiet.
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    Uber Destination

    He must have used the new rider feature where rider can file a complaint while the ride is in progress.
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    Someone can advise how to avoid empty return?

    I usually drive my guests to the airport for free. So, you have at least done better than me.
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    I need your help on how to be the most profitable ant ever

    I would like to share all my driving secrets but then again I am greedy, so I am not going to share.
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    Newbe question i had

    Damn millennials - if you do not spoon feed them, they throw a tantrum!
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    Getting X request

    I feel stupid now but I think I know what is happening. Due to the addition of the UberPet option, uberX/POOL is all the way to the right on the preference page and you have to scroll right to see it. That option was turned ON for me and that is why I think I was getting the X requests. But...
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    Getting X request

    I got UberX requests outside surge and it was still turned off. App must be broken. Have never had this kind of issues with the Lyft app. Lyft app is not that user friendly but it does not break often like Uber does. I bet Lyft test their app much better than Uber does before making changes. It...