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    Going to start texting pax about JFK

    Absolutely. I rarely accept NY bound riders and NEVER JFK! It's just not worth it.
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    Guns 'n Roses tickets?

    anybody get an e-mail from Uber about tix to GnR at MetLife This Sunday? 7/24. Never in all of two years do I recall them ever offering anything of value that Uber did not get a piece of.,
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    Anyone UberVIP driver?

    I'm told that I am a VIP driver but I don't see it after plate as well. I did, however get an invitation to apply to the asbury LBGT parade that Uber is sponsoring. anyone else see that yesterday? smh.
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    Price cuts undercut possibility of an uber IPO

    Ditto ATX 22. Great find Lepke! Does anyone know whether California arbitration case is state or federal? TY
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    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    This is not marketing. Here in Jersey it's $20 hr. prime time, $15 all other.. Allegedly to encourage demand and then a with the first snow event comes another e-mail that demand will be "off the charts" so get out there and make us (Uber) some $$
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    Your current uber driver rating

    Amen, I used to roll with a 4.9 until latest rate cut. Have only gone out once since. My ill temper must be showing!
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    Fare cuts email from Uber!

    UberMax, no. With the number of new drivers, the truly desperate, there will be no surge. Adios, all and Good Night and Good Luck!
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    Lepke, agreed. I will be one of the "lost boys". anyone need a Lyft?
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    Driving on Christmas Eve & Day...

    For the past several months there has been a plethora of new drivers all over Jersey. Note that the new driver bounty dropped all the way down to $50!! There has been and will be increase in traffic during this Holiday Season but I am not sure this will mean additional riders. That being said...
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    Lyft is doing the right thing

    Thanks, Lepke. I'm going to request my mentor ride with Lyft today. Been stalling as the rider demand has been so much lower that Uber but I believe the wind direction may be shifting.
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    Updated List of Markets Where UberX Commission For New Drivers Is 25% Or 28%

    And now the Jersey promo for enlisting new drivers went from $200 to $50. Even with the 25% cut the new drivers endure they are proliferating like jack rabbits!
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    De activated ?

    Uber gets 25% of every donation made. Wonder if there is an insurance charge as well?
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    Princeton To JFK

    Princeton To JFK. for $98.00? That just doesn't seem right. I've run Princeton to Hoboken for $80.00 without NY tolls. Just politely decline JFK reqauests. it's not worth it.
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    Uber drivers everywhere

    Amen, never chase a surge. I don't go out after evening rush and fortunately still a vomit virgin. Trying to keep it close and wait until all of these newbies quit.
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    Uber Prize Email

    Yep. Oh Boy. Jiffy Lube just sent me a $12.00 off coupon offer!