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    Alternate Side Parking Fines Set at $65 Citywide

    think the tickets used to cost 110 in manhattan.
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    Goodnight no times reserved

    its dead because ppl are away with their families.
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    Making this forum post for the 28th of Feb.

    I thought you had already given up on this gig awhile ago. you're making the right move as I already surrendered my plates right before the new year. no more big upfront cost and little to none in return.
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    If someone interested.

    but not as big as cypress.
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    Thinking of switching to WAV car

    end of this month right? cause insurance cycle begins on march. 1581448667 its going to be loud in a minivan as oppose to a sedan.
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    Is it worth it anymore?

    how can it be part time when the system locks out most of the time but only available to FT dedicated drivers?
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    Your silliest newbie mistakes

    first time doing pool request, i said have a nice night to my passenger but i stopped to pick up instead of letting off.
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    NYC-Seeking information on RENTING OUT my Black SUV /W TLC plates

    rent to me, i pay my bills. i have a credit score of 399 but i want either a suburban or an escalade.
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    Points on license

    not free. ya gotta order an abstract.
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    Is it worth it anymore?

    only drivers that can make and maintain 300 plus trips per month are making money and can log in anytime they want. all others are a hit or miss and its usually a miss. Its not like it used to be, the flexibility is gone. All the veteran drivers here can tell you first hand.
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    Is it worth it anymore?

    this app business is not for the part timers.
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    Tlc plate

    DMV is not issuing TLC plates. There is a cap on them til next year.
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    To all gas engine vehicle lovers.

    better yet. don't operate a car. take mass transit.
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    Tlc plate

    he got the new bmw X7 triple black.
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    Saw crash on williamsburg bridge today..

    which car cam are you using?