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  1. delaynomore

    Close call last night

    why did they put on the xmas lights?
  2. delaynomore

    Anyone drink before they start their shift?

    youre definitely in the wrong business. those odds are not good. imagine getting busted by TLC and then NYPD. it'll be a wrap for you.
  3. delaynomore

    Lock out.

    just comparing what kind of money it is now to back in the 80s when it was just yellows. 1568984495 that's a negative, unless you are driving in a no zombie staring in their phone pedestrian zone and drivers that are clueless and has no regards for other drivers.
  4. delaynomore

    Lock out.

    lets not forget, vehicles making turns has to yield to pedestrians and that will back traffic up.
  5. delaynomore

    I drove 2k miles and still have 90% of oil life

    what car drives like a dream at 300k miles?
  6. delaynomore

    Lock out.

    yellow still makes that kind of money?
  7. delaynomore

    never notice this til today.

    i don't recall getting an email about flat rates but then again sometimes ignore their stuff unless they come in as reminders.
  8. delaynomore

    never notice this til today.

    mandatory tip money.
  9. delaynomore

    What if it was the other way around

    think lyft was in on it also. "heads up"
  10. delaynomore

    never notice this til today.

    never seen these fixed rates before til this morning. what are these about? short trips, point to point?
  11. delaynomore


    damn it, cant log onto Lyft. saying i am not a driver priority.
  12. delaynomore

    Arrested by TLC thugs

    The Moral to this story is,.... Do Not Smoke, put away your WHITE ear plugs and stop doing illegal crap while in Your TLC plated vehicles and especially at the airports with infested undercover tlc agents everywhere. Don't attract attention to yourself.
  13. delaynomore

    Lyft charges 1.5 prime time to pax

    i could put on a movie for them to watch with their ride for that amount.
  14. delaynomore

    We will not Forget! God bless those who lost everything 18 years ago!

    that was the day when everyone came together and helped. #respect