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    Tried to be nice today. Never doing that again

    Yeah I know. Like I said, I made a bunch of dumb rookie mistakes that I know better than by this point. I don't generally start the trip until we are in the car and ready to go though. If something were to happen where we don't take the ride I'd rather collect my cancellation fee than get a...
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    Tried to be nice today. Never doing that again

    Stroller had a kid. I wouldn't have let her go and leave me with her child I'm not that dumb lol. She took the stroller back up with her that's why I thought I'd be in the clear to get out of there.
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    Tried to be nice today. Never doing that again

    She got a 1 star. I don't care how hot you are this is about money for me.
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    Tried to be nice today. Never doing that again

    So this afternoon I was parked in front of a building in Foggy Bottom that I had just dropped off at when I got a ping from the same building. I immediately get a phone call from the rider saying she didn't expect me to arrive that quickly and she would be there soon. I appreciated the heads...
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    After promotion??

    Yeah I got the same 1.5x boost. Don't think it helped a whole lot though. Farily limited area and it surged higher than 1.5 most of that time anyway
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    Got Food Delivered with UberEats

    Not complaining. Not by any stretch of the imagination compared to the rest of the crap on this forum. Just trying to get an idea of how it works and if it's worth my time to use it again or if there's going to be a 2 hour wait every time I use it. Got my answer too so thank you painfreedc...
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    Got Food Delivered with UberEats

    Any Eats drivers on here? I got a promocode for a free meal up to $20 the other day and thought I'd give it a try. Absolutely terrible experience. Took just over 2 hours from the time I placed my order until when my pizza and wings showed up at my house. First, it took almost an hour from...
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    Welcome back our old friend the Surge...

    I did better last night after 9:00 than I did during the guarantee hours. I'm on bronze and I'd rather drive with less competition at no boost guarantee than to be getting an extra .2x surge but have to wait 15 minutes in between every ping because there are so many drivers on the road chasing...
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    Uber home

    Nah it works on X too, but the pax would have had to enter the destination address before requesting. I've gotten 4 matches so far, 2 pools and 2 Xs. Usually I just do it on my way to work everyday. Best thing Uber has implemented since I started besides the metal rewards program
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    Uber now says it will tell riders their fare before pick-up

    I actually think this will be great for us! It will show exactly how much they are saving on pool. For me, I notice a huge difference in the amount of pool requests I get when it's surging vs when it's not. Even if it's only a 1.2 or 1.3 surge that turns riders off to getting their own car. This...
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    Uber home

    I tested it out last night and it worked great. Had to go into Chinatown immediately after I got off work in Alexandria. Figured there was a good chance someone else would be going my way I turned it on and sure enough I had a ping in 2 minutes. Went half a mile out of the way to pick her up...
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    Uber incentives fuzzy math another false advertising

    Basically, Uber is taking their cut of your total payout. You aren't getting a multiplier anymore, you are getting a guaranteed surge. So anything less than your incentive will automatically be upgraded to a 1.6x surge, or whatever your specific incentive is. It doesn't matter what the surge...
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    UberPool $4 trips!!!

    I rarely ever accept pool requests anyway unless I'm chasing one of those minimum ride bonuses and am looking for quantity not quality. Pool is great for that. But my question is (and yes I created an account just to ask this) does this mean the driver rates are changing also? Or are they...