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    Ongoing Poll | Fingerprint Background Checks & Drug Tests

    For sure Uber should pay. ..... 100% of cost..
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    Need technical help....

    You guys have way too much time with her hands
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    Are Los Angeles drivers allowed to uber to Las Vegas?

    Of course not .......
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    OC vs LA

    Great more drivers. ....... if you all just wait for the surge. And stay off line.,until the surge you can make some money. Login when it's surging. ..
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    Got a uber partner app update today...

    First I was on the new version, now the old version is back. What's up with that ?
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    Uberselectguy calling it quits

    Perfect more for me
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    What are you doing during the strike...err w/e off?

    Going to kids birthday party with family, in Apple Valley. What a ride. 87 miles. 1 1/2 hour ride. Not striking. ............
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    Strike updated

    IT'S WORKING. The strike seems to be working
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    Strike updated

    It seems to be only happen in LA not in Orange County.
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    Strike updated

    Are these surges normal ?
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    At the uber office

    Was the homeless dude striking with you ?
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    Nation wide Uber driver strike.

    I guess the strike didn't start yet !
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    National Strike Oct 16 to Oct 18 - What is going on in LA?

    The old drivers striked, and it didn't work and now you guys are going to strike it's not going to work. There will be 22 drivers that are striking, the rest will be driving. It's not Ubers fault it's all the X drivers that don't know what they're doing.