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Recent content by Dan9908

  1. Dan9908

    Sleeping in car

    Lol. No.
  2. Dan9908

    I lost over $600 dollars.

    I know that Karma chick. She can be quite moody
  3. Dan9908

    Thank you!!!

    I pee in my Dunkin Donuts cup behind my tinted windows after turning off my lights. Thanks for thanking me
  4. Dan9908

    Bad Turned Good, well Better

    Who said the friend is a man?
  5. Dan9908

    Gave my first stripper a ride last night (gigitty)

    As long as there isn’t any glitter left on me or the interior, it’s all good in the hood
  6. Dan9908

    Bad Turned Good, well Better

    Even the biggest a-hole can be made to think they’re getting great service. A friend told me I could sell snow to an Eskimo and I guess that’s why I never have an issue... ever
  7. Dan9908

    I should have followed y’all advise!!

    Should’ve spun the tires out of the driveway and cracked a beer
  8. Dan9908

    Likely been asked and answered a million times....

    Thanks cuz
  9. Dan9908


    Games games and more games being played
  10. Dan9908

    Likely been asked and answered a million times....

    I really need to start hitting the mornings much earlier. However, I have been pretty lucky focusing on an area. Constantly getting pings there. Granted they’re $7/8 rides, but they’re very short and always someone pinging me next
  11. Dan9908


    To me, it’s worth a solo ride independent of public transportation, for a few extra bucks
  12. Dan9908

    Likely been asked and answered a million times....

    What is your target if you don’t mind me asking? I usually set a goal of (min) $125 within 4 hours. Depending on weather, traffic, time of day, rush hour and if I’m tired, I may keep rolling around.
  13. Dan9908

    Pool and tips....

    Doesn’t seem to go well together, at all. However, yesterday was rather odd. While I’m not a fan of Pools, I’ll take what I can get rather than nothing at all. Either way. I had 4 people in on 3 pools. Everyone was a great passenger... we were all talking, laughing and joking around. Couldn’t...
  14. Dan9908


    0 luck at PHL, every. Damn. Time. Never more than 12-15 miles for me.
  15. Dan9908

    A divorce attorney appointment

    So do wandering hands and Uber rides.... potentially