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  1. Dan2miletripguy

    Uber destinations - the @@@@@ is back.

    Woooop! This was the main thing that they did that annoyed me. Truly glad this is back so I can get home at the end of a shift without a billion dead miles. The Lyft dest filter is trash imo.
  2. Dan2miletripguy

    My car wash place just blacklisted Uber/Lyft drivers

    I have one of these car wash passes and it is great for me. I vacuum pretty much before every driving day as this place is right next to my house. I even told them I drive U/L when I signed up and all they did wuz ask me questions about the gig cuz they wanna do it too. My pass is $19.99 per...
  3. Dan2miletripguy

    Fired from Uber

    Seems shady.
  4. Dan2miletripguy

    If Lyft can’t keep its drivers as independent contractors, it may never be profitable

    You would think that since we don't get any health coverage or other benefits that a real employee would get that these guys would at least hook us up with $1 per mile but alas....
  5. Dan2miletripguy

    Different Method of Cherry Picking!

    I have found that it all balances out. Go ahead and take that 1.5 mile trip. Karma will hook you up or it has for me, anyway.
  6. Dan2miletripguy

    A Low-Skilled Career

    My life choices have been good and bad like everyone else. Right now I find myself driving for the rideshare biz. I am not particularly proud of this as they will hire just about anyone to do the gig so I can't claim any special skill. But when a customer is in my car we are conducting a...
  7. Dan2miletripguy

    Rider upfront price hack

    Sorry I am getting this so slowly there Mista T. OK.... so you type in your destination and a friendly Uber driver picks you up within a few minutes. Next, while you are chilling in the backseat you go ahead and change your dest to a place that is at least a mile away from the original dest...
  8. Dan2miletripguy

    Rider upfront price hack

    Well what new destination is it that you are changing to? Is it very close to the original destination and doing this saves you money? I am not sure about this tactic. thx. If riders are doing this to save a few bucks aren't they risking paying more than the original price? I have never...
  9. Dan2miletripguy

    Pregnant Lyft driver knifed to death in Phoenix

    Well...that is just horrible.
  10. Dan2miletripguy

    I am afraid to push the button

    I drove all day today and had a good day and I think I get more anxious about pushing the button because I'm anticipating having a bad time and not making any money more than anything. I'm very talkative with the pax and the social anxiety goes away very quickly and if I'm getting pings and...
  11. Dan2miletripguy

    I am afraid to push the button

    Hitting the road..... I'll let ya know how it went. Peace! :-)
  12. Dan2miletripguy

    I am afraid to push the button

    I just recently signed up with Caviar and am approved & received the hot food bag from them and I'm thinking I will go to Dallas today and try food delivery and see if that is a decent alternative to having actual humans in my car with me I have social anxiety I take a cocktail of meds that...
  13. Dan2miletripguy

    I am afraid to push the button

    Hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday..... I have no commitments or obligations today and it would be a perfect day to go out and drive for 10 hours and make some money but some days my anxiety level is high and I just can't seem to push the button to take that first ride. Just wondering if...
  14. Dan2miletripguy

    How do I use the IRS standard deduction?

    I'm just worried that I will be audited because it took me soooo many miles to make some money that I will show a teeny profit on several thousands in earnings.