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    Uber says, "Pax go catch a bus." 🤪

    Could this weed out short trips?
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    Uber buys test track near Pittsburgh for autonomous vehicle testing

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    Top uberpeople.net reaction scores!

    I’ll trade you a sack full of Pogs Remember POGS??????? They’re coming back! — Milhouse
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    What to Strip from Car

    I should have rephrased. After the decision to total the car was made, you could have always done a buyback to retain the car versus letting them take it. It's not a great move unless you have a reason or sentimentality, but... 1579173026 Tagging @Fuzzyelvis who mentioned the same thing that an...
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    Sad wallet story

    "Driver extorted me for tip! Please refund!" "OK..." You: "Where did that tip payment go?"
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    What to Strip from Car

    If the car drives fine, what's the damage? Why did you agree to total it? The jack / tire equipment is worth taking off the car. The battery, yes. The rest? Unless you have a second model of the same car lying around, a lot of it doesn't sound worth taking or being able to resell. Take an...
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    Aspergers Driver

    Awkward, sheltered, pastor's kid = child abuse victim ? .... c'mon.... I can't agree with that conclusion having merit unless it's proven or revealed. 1579151660 To me you're saying it means either sheltered kids are child abuse victims, or pastor's kids are child abuse victims, or some sort of...
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    Aspergers Driver

    Disagree with introducing this idea into the conversation. That's jumping to a far-fetched conclusion.
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    Do you still need Tacoma Business License if you are not operating in the city, but reside in the city?

    Got it - thanks for clarifying. I figured this was the case, but I figured there's no harm in asking if it might save some money.
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    Jan 2020. How was your day

    More snow...
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    Do you still need Tacoma Business License if you are not operating in the city, but reside in the city?

    Wait a minute... I have a Snohomish County address but the apps ask for a City of Seattle / King County license. SnoCo drivers were meshed together into King County's fare map, but on this principle of home markets, then next year can I skip the city license as it's not my home market? (I don't...
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    Hoarder or minimalist. Which one are you?

    Ahem how about “collector” ... of hoarded material. :lol:
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    Aspergers Driver

    People with Asperger's generally are terrible liars. Suggest not suggesting the driver to concoct a lie. 1579031695 The mindset is a very linear, very literal mindset. Disorder causes distress. Jim Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper might represent someone with Asperger's. Or Moss from IT...
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    Aspergers Driver

    Do not tell passengers you have Asperger's. I suggest not bringing this up at all to passengers. One reason is because some passengers will not know what Asperger's is, and because of this they may feel uncomfortable. It is socially uncomfortable for both driver and passenger to try to explain...
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    WA Legislature Bill requiring limits to car pollution standards for rideshare/ commercial introduced

    http://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bills/House%20Bills/2310.pdf What do you drive? A bill that's been opened in the state Legislature would ask the WA state Department of Ecology to create standards, quotas and targets asking to increase how many zero-emissions vehicles...