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  1. Crosbyandstarsky

    Deactivated over fake service dog!!!

    Oh seriously? Fake service dogs? Ruining cars and getting us complaints about haircand smell. The need ID. I don’t buy this service dog nonsense. Get meds 1558474259 Name calling isn’t what an adult does and no one is 5.00 after 2500 rides. We’re not stupid 1558474391 You need a special...
  2. Crosbyandstarsky

    How do you stay sane doing this “job”?

    Ya don’t. Eventually ya tell someone off
  3. Crosbyandstarsky

    Uber Introducing "Quiet Mode"

    I don’t like talking to drivers or passengers. I prefer my quiet time. Small talk with people you don’t know is a waste of time and I don’t care about what their life is about nor do they care about mine so why bother
  4. Crosbyandstarsky

    A Video?

    I skipped it
  5. Crosbyandstarsky

    Remember guys please strike on May 8th

    They posted their screen shots on Facebook. Ask to get approved for Kansas City rooms. I left there
  6. Crosbyandstarsky

    How to handle the "interrogation" rides?

    I haven’t run into anyone who interrogated me. Just a few questions but maybe he is hard to talk to because ive always been able to start conversations from there. I owned a hair salon for 25 years and never felt interrogated either so I’m wondering maybe that person was right and he could be...
  7. Crosbyandstarsky

    Cuomo wants to expand seat belt law to backseat riders! Hello Nazi germany...Papers plz!

    It’s a good idea for everyone to wear a seatbelt
  8. Crosbyandstarsky

    Nazi Über deactivated me for no-fault accidents on my record!

    That’s because you have to drive defenseably
  9. Crosbyandstarsky

    Anyone else's market totally saturated with drivers?

    Depends where your at
  10. Crosbyandstarsky

    How to handle multiple stops.

    Lol. I do the stops anyways
  11. Crosbyandstarsky

    How do you handle improper car seats?

    Decline the ride and get the fee for them not having a car seat. You don’t need to be responsible for a child if there’s an accident 1557449433 I never take anyone under 18 no matter what tantrum they throw. You’re in violation of your contact and their ins don’t cover you because of it