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    Anyone else hooked on 5 Hour Energy?

    No. If you need something like that you shouldn’t be driving 1566519007 This isn’t good. Kind of sad actually
  2. Crosbyandstarsky

    Should Uber Drug Test?

    First of all you are self employed second they do a background check every 6 months. They don’t let people drive who has driven under the influence or has a criminal past. That’s enough
  3. Crosbyandstarsky

    School is Back In Session How Do You Deal with Unaccompanied Minor Requests?

    I just go to the school and cancel if it’s a minor and get the fee 1566312765 Ins is an issue. You won’t be covered can be sued for not following the uber contract you agreed to and lose your job. It’s happened 100’s if times
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    Would you 1* her, or 5* him?

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    The Dead Fish pick up

    Ya I have the problum with people in the middle of a busy street thinking I’m suppose to stop there
  6. Crosbyandstarsky

    Is Rideshare Recession Proof? Part 3

    Um no. It’s not even day proof
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    At what point is it cheaper to replace a car rather than keep repairing?

    2nd break job. I don’t keep them much over 100,000 miles 1565738955 I don’t believe in financing a car. Buy the first one brand new. Save for it and trade it in with good value on it then you only have to come up with little cash each time. Why pay interest? Do you realize how much that is
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    Fill in the blank. It is so annoying when a pax...

    When they call. I know where I’m going, don’t interrupt the gps with nonsense that only makes directions a mess 1565220738 Ya they drop pins in stupid places.
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    medical emergency

    I copy and pasted this to a old friend who is a real Dr. First of toxic shock can’t be fixed by removing a tampon. You can make it worse by touching people with dirty hands. Once someone has it removing a tampon is just procedure and can’t change the infection. Next she said it’s so rare...
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    medical emergency

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    medical emergency

    Look this is totally phony.
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    medical emergency

    It’s a joke. 1565037185 You don’t believe this do you?
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    medical emergency

    This is a joke
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    Uber Pro: Totally Useless

    Wow. I’m glad he said it. Maybe your bad attitude should go elsewhere