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    Let's talk about "Real Money"

    Let's get that "real paper" or "real chedder"
  2. ColumbusRides

    Getting my rating above 4.0 again

    I'm sure "she" will come back as a new profile, she got owned in this one
  3. ColumbusRides

    My Thanksgiving

    As a black man, being old isn’t an excuse for ignorance
  4. ColumbusRides

    New Years resolutions

    Focus on a better 9-5 for my dayjob and spend more time with my girlfriend (wife won't be happy)
  5. ColumbusRides

    Problem Registering Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    That's a nice car with a beige interior, its gonna get scratched and scuffed. Please don't ruin it
  6. ColumbusRides

    Pickups From The Shoe on Game Day

    Try avoid picking up pax during game day, it's a nightmare and waste of time (I'm Platinum and I have been since August)
  7. ColumbusRides

    Did 10 trips today, NOT ONE person rated or tipped me....

    This is one of the Uber fails... if it was set from the very beginning that "tips are appreciated" their drivers wouldn't bash Uber as much and riders would have more of a positive experience.
  8. ColumbusRides

    Had my first whackadoo last night.

    She has great wife potential lol
  9. ColumbusRides

    Bathroom breaks and explanations

    Yes, I just re read ugh ☺️
  10. ColumbusRides

    Bathroom breaks and explanations

    I never had to drop a deuce while driving lol
  11. ColumbusRides

    Bathroom breaks and explanations

    I typically find an alley, it’s just quicker to take it out and go. I then use my hand sanitizer and I don’t say anything to pax, they can wait
  12. ColumbusRides

    Lying ass Uber customer

    No company is to big to sue, you do need a law firm who has won class action law suits
  13. ColumbusRides

    Riders in wheelchairs, I’m done.

    Just roll on by
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    I'm in the states
  15. ColumbusRides


    Then so be it, Uber isn’t my career it’s a side gig for me. I’ve taken a small dog lapdog before, dog was well behaved but I am not taking a vicious big dog like what the OP said.