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    Full time

    This is so very true
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    Driverless Cars Arrive in New York City

    Controlled area is different... We have a few in Columbus downtown but there's a driver still on board just in case. I would love to see driverless cares in real world testing in Times Square and other major areas. I am predicting many lawsuits, I am not a fan of driverless cars.
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    Sami’s Law is Ridiculous. Won’t work in NJ Anymore.

    As someone who is originally from NY, get out of N.J
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    I'm excited to ant tonight

    Because I need extra money for vac, I only work Fri/Sat in the summer. Once campus is back (next mth) I'll be out more
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    I'm excited to ant tonight

    ...I have nothing else to say
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    Example of how I rate pax's

    That's beyond rough... I don't think you'll be doing this long term. Maybe something else would be a better fit.
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    In app tips

    Welcome to driving
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    Car seats,...here's an idea...

    That's a potential lawsuit waiting to happen, don't do it... horrible idea
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    Working on my deactivation

    You have to drive smart, even then it doesn't always work. Personally, I don't do any premium or scheduled pickups
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    Working on my deactivation

    Racism sucks, so sad
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    Working on my deactivation

    You need to get the media involved, send the video to CNN and other media outlets. I'm also black and I have never had anyone call me the "N" word or anything like that. I would have called the cops and told her to get out.
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    What's the next level after "Well Known Member?"

    I'm at my 9 to 5 now, having random thoughts... I need more out of life, ugh
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    What's your shortest trip?

    I like short trips, I can't do them back to back... My market is busy enough
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    How much have you made so far this week?

    0 so far but... I'll go out tomorrow and Saturday, I'll probably do around $400