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    Auto pool accept

    Just got an email from uber saying the 2nd request and so on are auto accepted. #wearescrewed
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    Best tipping stories

    I picked up a 1st timer once in Glendale. He had to be in his 40s and said his GF was out and town and told him to take UBER if he wanted to go out drinking. When I arrived, he was outside flagging me down and hopped in the front seat. He was super excited that "it worked"....basically he...
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    Uber support questioning tip

    THIS!!!! Lol
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    Uber support questioning tip

    Lol....the ride was more but the tip was only $5 lmao
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    Uber support questioning tip

    You lost me?
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    Uber support questioning tip

    Well I didn't ask for a tip....but the way they word it in the email was "cash exchanged" as if the rider paid for their tri
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    Uber support questioning tip

    So I got a tip from a rider on a ride I took a few days ago and the ride was also surged. Now uber support is emailing me asking was their cash exchanged for the ride so they can adjust accordingly. Ummmm should I reply? It's. Its not fair if they adjust my trip just because they offered me a...
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    $80 for 30 rides next week? LOL

    I have never been offered an incentive.....
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    I would have to disagree. I have used the filter daily and it has worked every single time. But I will state that the pings aren't instant or quick. There is definitely some down time in between trying to reach my destination. And Once I get within 5miles of my home I will just drive home. It...
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    Damn what's going on here?!

    I see that too....and I'm at my day job. Get that money folks!!!
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    Santa Clarita

    Oh can keep I will stay where I am. I was tempted to drive out there this morning when I kept seeing the surge was steady
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    Santa Clarita

    what's the deal out there? I see it surging a lot more lately. Are the rides decent out that way?
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    You can OPT out of pools in Los Angeles!

    Why Why is it a safety issue for women?