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    Governor Horseface Signs Bill Capping Delievery Service Fees

    There was a book written in the 70's about a corrupt carpetbagger who gets himself elected governor of NJ. Vote for Quimby....and Quick! Whether Mayor Quimby from the Simpsons derives his name from this book, I...
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    Governor Horseface Signs Bill Capping Delievery Service Fees As far as I read it, this just applies to what Uber eats can charge a restaurant for a "service fee". I have never used Uber Eats or the others as a driver or customer. But isn't a "service fee" different from the "delivery fee". Doesn't Uber...
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    Poll: Unemployment Resolved?

    My vote is a "partial". I began receiving UI for week 7 (and 8,9,10). My week 1 -6 claims are still "not payable". Whoever processed my UI did not process it as "retroactive". I am waiting on 6 weeks $231 and 5 weeks $600. That's $4,386 still owed. I send 3 emails a week with confirmation...
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    Insolvency? Will This Be What Happens?

    Sovereign debt does not disappear when you declare "insolvency". When McConnell suggested a mechanism might be created for a state to declare bankruptcy, Cuomo and Murphy went batsh#t crazy. That means a judge determines how they spend money and they will not like the result. A country/US state...
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    Uber finally abandons robot cars

    "Dara, the $45 million a year man" I called him a "man". Are you suggesting he is too effeminate? Does he "identify" as a she or a shim?
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    Uber finally abandons robot cars

    Dara finally gives up on various Uber "bets", as he euphemistically called them. All the time, effort and money spent on things like robot cars and Uber freight, and scooters, etc., now gets thrown to the wind. Every bet was a loser. Every investor rolled snake eyes when they trusted Dara on...
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    Certified another week, no luck 😪

    I cant afford to drive. It is more profitable to collect $831 a week with no expenses. I do not understand why anybody who is eligible for UI is driving.
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    Certified another week, no luck 😪

    Yes. Six weeks of back claims in one shot about two weeks ago. I received an "under review" response. Then on Wednesday, I claimed for one week. last week. I received an "approved" response. Today, I got paid for last week but not the previous 6 nor did i receive the PUA $600.
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    Certified another week, no luck 😪

    You need to file an appeal. That is not the information that most of us are receiving. You have received a "not payable" response. I filed on 3/28. I just received my first $231 this morning. Thats it. 7 weeks of claims and they sent me $231. They owe me another 5 grand.
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    UI Status Filed but stonewalled

    I filed on March 28th. Last Friday I was finally allowed to certify for 6 weeks back UI. Today, my claim is "under review". I provided more info (I still have not reached the point of providing my banking info). Your response has been received and will be reviewed by a claims examiner before a...
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    Still dragging their feet

    I agree. I would compare him to Nicolae Ceaușescu. He has violated the US and NJ Constitutions regarding freedom of religion, speech, right to bear arms, right to peaceably protest. For that he needs to be impeached for the sake of rule of law and constitutional governance and elected...
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    It's a delaying tactic

    NJ Department of Labor is not yet ready to process 1099 claims. As of yesterday, Governor Murphy admitted that, as well as that only 60% of the UI claims requested have been processed by the NJ Department of Labor.
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    PUA Status Check

    No. Its the word of the "rando" vs. the word of the NJ Department of Labor (not the newspaper). Since PA UI seems to be accepting 1099 claims, but NJ is not. Its your NJ government lying to you (and me). NJ has yet to...
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    PUA Status Check Independent contractors, freelancers, self-employed have not contributed to the unemployment system. Normally they would be ineligible for benefits. But because of the...
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    N.J. finances will have trouble recovering from coronavirus economic pain, Wall Street says

    Every government jurisdiction in the world is about undergo a debt crisis. Well run governments, like Denmark, are in a rush to issue foreign denominated debt, even though they only carry debt in kroner. Before the bond market explodes, Denmark is trying to rush to borrow $15,000 per danish...