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    Uber Low Rider

    NO RESPONSE NEEDED A message from Uber · Hi Cigars, One of your riders provided feedback that your vehicle was shaking and was making a loud whirring noise. Many drivers using the app find that getting these issues fixed enhances the rider experience. I usually charge extra for the...
  2. Cigars

    Just saw my yearly summary

    I actually deduct less miles than my Uber/Lyft total. I am always running both and letting them total my miles simultaneously. This causes "over reporting" of miles to the IRS which gives them no choice but to accept my mileage log if ever audited. Its my record of miles that I use which...
  3. Cigars

    Service animal Idiot

    I was deactivated on a false service animal claim. I threatened to charge the customer with faking a service animal (up to one year prison term) unless I was reactivated. I was reactivated very quickly after I told them I would go to a prosecutor. If you are permanently deactivated, file...
  4. Cigars

    When and why did they start limiting tips?

    Actually they do. It would cost the restaurant $30 in processing fees on that $20 meal. And then there is the danger that the customer would complain to the cc company later and claw that $1000 back after the restaurant already paid the servers $1,000. Each $1 you get tipped on the app costs...
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    Lyft finally caught on to all you scamming LogistaCare

    It has been Lyft scamming Logisticare (or actually scamming Medicaid), not the drivers. Each and every Lyft ride paid by Medicaid, is and has been fraud, and each and every Medicaid ride performed by Lyft should come with a minimum $2,500 fine. Lyft knows damn well that its drivers are not "non...
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    Bye Bye Juno!

    Stop believing Uber, a company that has done nothing but lie to you, me, the investors, the regulators and the customers for 9 years straight. Uber claims it has been "profitable" on rides for 8 quarters. "Rides Adjusted EBITDA was positive for the 8th quarter in a row." That $631 ebidta...
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    Uber US/Canada Ridsharing possibly SHRINKS

    There is no "booking fee". "Booking Fee" is now a figment of the imagination. No "booking fee" is reported to the investors. Driver "Booking Fee" + Driver "Service Fee" = Investor "Service Fee". I couldn't understand why. Then I realized, when we show a negative "service Fee", we must be seen...
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    Should I give a ride to ブルースター・ロード?

    I find rich asian and latin american tourists tip well. Less so, European tourists and Americans.
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    Uber US/Canada Ridsharing possibly SHRINKS

    "As a result of our reorganization and additional disclosure, we will no longer be showing Core Platform metrics." Dara to investors. Uber jumbles their books attempting to hide the truth, but shows Uber US/Canada ridesharing might actually shrink Q2 to Q3. Uber will not allow investors to...
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    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    No. The Right Wing and the Left Wing both want to tell others what to do. They want to force them to do things in different ways. The Left brought us National Socialism (fascism is a socialist spinoff), Stalinism, Pol Pot, and Maoism. These are the most destructive things known to man and have...
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    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    I believe a government should not define marriage. Marriage should be between you and your spouse (or spouses), your church, your family and your friends. There should be no reason for "government" to say you are married and you are not. I would abolish government recognition of "marriage". I...
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    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    If you are a card carrying Libertarian, then you are a Capital "L" Libertarian. I am a small "l" libertarian. (Although I have voted Capital "L" for president since Ross Perot). You may have reached your version of libertarian from the "left", I consider myself to be the "conservative or right...
  13. Cigars

    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    I view Uber/Lyft as violating Adam Smith's premise in "The Wealth of Nations". Capitalism is good because: The butcher does not wish to poison his customer. He will lose that customer and others. What the hell does an Uber driver care about poisoning their customer? The customer can never...
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    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    I consider myself of the "right wing" variety. That which governs least governs best. 1572567209 And I am a small "L" libertarian.
  15. Cigars

    Lyft pays us 14% less to do 9% more in only 3 months.

    As a far right wacko libertarian, I disagree. As much as I am opposed to many laws that exist, they exist. When they exist, everyone plays by those rules until they are changed. Uber/Lyft are transportation providers according to the rules as they exist. We, are employees and not contractors...