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    Manasquan to EWR price?

    Thats what shore rate is. 2 hours, after tolls and (not gas but an actual vehicle cost per mile of 20 cents if you drive a cheap beater), 100 miles ($20 + tolls $10), = $45 ($75 - $30). or $22.50 per hour for 2 hours. (maybe tip, maybe an excuse to go gsp to 78 for another $8 depending upon...
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    Which navigation system do you use with Uber ?

    I prefer waze. I look at options and then when the pax looks away I pick the longest route. When the pax looks confused and says "but the other way is better", I shrug my shoulders and say, Waze is good there must be traffic that way. And then, into the longest route ride, I ask waze to give...
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    UBER stock sinks to new all-time low

    They have never admitted it. Once they admit it, then they should be regulated like a transportation company. The prospectus was 500 pages of gibberish and never once says "transportation company". That would open up a Pandora's box they are trying to keep closed.
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    Uber has flatlined

    https://investor.uber.com/news-events/news/press-release-details/2019/Uber-Reports-Second-Quarter-2019-Results/default.aspx Three Months Ended June 30, Six Months Ended June 30, (in millions, except percentages) 2018 2019 % Change 2018 2019 %...
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    The bag in the trunk

    The other day, late morning, I dropped off at Monmouth University and received a ping from the neighborhood. 4.7, 88 minutes. That's either JFK or Manhattan. Its not rush hour, so I accept. I drive to a large home and pull to the driveway instead of the front door expecting luggage (everyone...
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    The 2nd Phone Call Equals...

    I do not get paid enough to answer the phone unless it says +45.
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    Looooong Trip

    Not sure. Thought max Uber was 3 hours. I have done 160 miles, 2 hours 55 minutes and got paid. I thought drivers could no longer edit and it must be the phone that placed the request. I no longer seem to be allowed to change destination so I ask the pax to do it.
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    WTF is THIS BS?

    There isn't a correlation between "driver surge" and "passenger price" anymore and has not been for a while. Uber wants to raise the price for pax and lower the pay to drivers. Since the "up front" model existed, that is how they get more "revenue" and lower "expenses". Driver "surge" is now...
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    He should gross at least $1.40 an hour. Most hours at least.
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    Uber. BS earnings. Tech journalists didn’t do forensics. So I did

    Why are you giving us financial information from 2017???? This article is a year and a half old and talking about 2017 numbers. Since then Uber has gone public, bought and sold multiple companies, changed its operating model, added silly scooter rentals, etc. Is Uber still a piece of economic...
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    Scheduling a ride cost?

    I walked out of a train station last week and there was a taxi. How much to go my destination (2 miles)? $6. OK. here is $8. Cheaper and more convenient than Uber/Lyft. I have used Uber/Lyft as a customer once in the past year. Requested a car ($35) than when the car arrived, I changed...
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    What Are The Fastest, Slowest Airports To Exit?

    LaGuardia is not an international airport. It has no "international" arrivals. It has flights from Canada and Bermuda, but all pax and cargo (and employees) have cleared US customs and immigration in Canada or Bermuda and land as a "domestic" flight. That 27 minutes means its one of the...
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    Best way in and out of NY from NJ

    The Bus. If not, the train.
  14. Cigars

    Lyft and mileage

    Of course you still get paid for it. You are not an employee. They cannot tell you which way to drive. They want you to think you must follow their GPS, but that is just more misleading dishonesty. You should be turning every 10 mile trip into a 15 mile trip. That is not illegal. That is...
  15. Cigars

    Lyft and mileage

    Its intentional fraud. Lyft's record of your trip used to be expandable so you could see every road and turn you made. Then they started changing your route to the route they wished you had gone ( I have had rte 18 disappear and appear as a parkway trip, I have had the Lincoln Tunnel...