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    Today's Topic CT Uber United How to

    Changing up the pace a bit, started talking about a crazy idea on how to @@@@ w Travis My idea started w/ Send him a note explaining we want to negotiate better rates. Tell him if he don't want to play we hire hackers and shut him down on a specific date, specific time. In the mean time you...
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    Lyft Roundtable meeting March 16 2 to 4 p

    Meeting was moved to Thursday , the storm is Tuesday?
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    Strike Tommorow?

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    Stike tommorow?

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    Striking tommorow?

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    Strike tommorow?

    Saw these the last couple days and yesterday a driver from Boston called asked if I was striking. Thoughts?
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    Is everyone striking tommorow?

    Talked to a Boston driver who has told me about a strike tommorow? Anyone else hear of this??
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    -$300 Fraud Adjustment! Suggestions?

    SMH good Luck
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    Lyft Roundtable meeting March 16 2 to 4 p

    I will share an RSVP link below for a meeting at Modern Pizza in New Haven with Lyft. If you would like to attend and get a chance to have the problems you have had with Lyft( and the launch) in CT, this is your opportunity. Feel free to start sending invites to drivers...
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    Springfield Mass Lyft pings while in bdl queue

    The pings from the queue has been addressed with the tech department by a member of Northeat Lyft council. If it continues to occur, please keep sending them screen shots. They had the same issue in Boston, Logan queue when that launched last month.
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    Should we 1099 Uber/ Lyft?

    was having a conversation with a friend and he brought the question of why I hadn't sent these companies a 1099, I didn't have a good answer, so should we?
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    A hole some of the time? That's below my standard I am very glad to hear it has worked well for you.
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    I report tips, there's enough in deductions
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    Janice, just because your incapable of how to get tips, you don't have to get hostile. I recomend meds, since I know of no place for you to but a personality.
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    Oh Janice, thanks so much for your concern. I'll place this response where I place most of your responses on hear. 3 k and counting in tips, I'll just keep doing what I do , thanks.