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  1. chitownXdriver

    Today was an easy peasy day to make good money

    Welcome back, you were missed!
  2. chitownXdriver

    Don't pick her up

    Thanks for the info, I live in the area and start most of my days out there so I'll keep Barbara from Wheaton in mind.
  3. chitownXdriver

    I’m trying to get 666.

    I did once as well, 4 am Saturday night picked up a woman from the crime infested area of Chicago going to the airport, she was a bigger jolly lady, ask her where she's flying out to, Denver. I ask work or vacation? Vacation, taking in the nature and breathing that fresh air. Me: ooh you gonna...
  4. chitownXdriver

    Am I evil......

    Jack Astor's? On the receipt you should've just drawn 5 stars and left a compliment inside of a picture of a badge, maybe something like "excellent service" or "late night hero". She would've definitely got the point.
  5. chitownXdriver

    Here comes Uber of Fun!

    LMAO here you go https://uberpeople.net/threads/halloween-uber-is-going-to-be-epic.203822/#post-3041784
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    Rosemont police ticketing drivers due to phone mount in windshield, by the TNP lot

    Sorry man that's dumb, if you ever get pulled over for that it definitely won't be a $25 ticket, trust me on that
  7. chitownXdriver

    Rosemont police ticketing drivers due to phone mount in windshield, by the TNP lot

    Love my vent mount, so easy to text and drive and go online etc w/o getting caught (obviously only when I don't have passengers, don't wanna get deactivated now) ?
  8. chitownXdriver

    Advice on right turn on red ticket.

    Lucky guy! I've only been flashed twice by passengers :winking:
  9. chitownXdriver

    First day of Uber

    Dude, I thought that was reserved only for Carlos who I haven't heard from in a really long time
  10. chitownXdriver

    This Cubs fan & the other ones who locked themselves in the bathroom should be charged a cleaning fee

  11. chitownXdriver

    GIRLS ?‍♀️? vs ??‍♂️BOYS

    Not as uncalled for as enabling passengers more than they already are by GIVING THEM MONEY, seriously? I wish I could be your passenger to get some cash back, it sounds better than my credit card's cash back program.
  12. chitownXdriver

    Tipping guide

  13. chitownXdriver

    I dumped her Shit on the sidewalk!

    I'm assuming you were supposed to be taking Shanice who so happened to be very respectful of your time to her home in a nice upscale respectable neighborhood
  14. chitownXdriver

    GIRLS ?‍♀️? vs ??‍♂️BOYS

    Speak for yourself and stop generalizing us all (or even most of us) in the same boat, that's really not cool 1570684711 Although I will categorize a third and ONLY a 3rd, natural born hermaphrodites ?‍♂️
  15. chitownXdriver

    Ubering on your worst day

    I have a feeling this thread will make it to the main page, if I'm in a bad mood I'll just quietly drive after the initial hello/how are you? With music lightly playing and my settings on deaf/hard of hearing and if they try to talk I'll tell them sorry can't hear you, I have a hearing problem...