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  1. chitownXdriver

    Not a bad day

    Today was an amazing day, I made $480 (only $65 driving though) and currently this is my full time gig.
  2. chitownXdriver

    Cleaning fee if I puke??

  3. chitownXdriver

    "You are the only white driver I've ever had."

    We're opposite, I hate picking up other Desis and pretend I'm not (thanks to my unique name I can pass off not being Desi), I also have my setting on hard of hearing (although I'm not, just kind of anti social). Once this Punjabi group was talking so much trash about me being hard of hearing and...
  4. chitownXdriver

    Cleaning fee if I puke??

    Once I had a really hot Lebanese female passenger who was going out to the club, she stank of a mixture of jizz, sweat/BO, and she tried using body spray to mask it which made it even worse
  5. chitownXdriver

    Had a laugh with pax today...

    Exactly what I was thinking!
  6. chitownXdriver

    Patter for the children...

    Secretly showing their parents wrapped candy and and if I can offer it to the kids, majority say yes, for the ones that say no I offer it to them to give to their kids whenever they want.
  7. chitownXdriver

    Uber throws me a bone

    All I'm gonna say is am I glad I live less than 10 minutes away from Medinah country club
  8. chitownXdriver

    Why is this still happening UBER?

    Similar thing happened to me last night, set DF for Glen Ellyn, got a request in Melrose Park (15th Ave bookstore to be precise) about 25 minutes from my destination going 33 minutes away, start the trip and instead of taking me West where I was trying to go it ended up taking me to Palatine...
  9. chitownXdriver

    Saturday update

    Just finished up tonight from 9:20pm-(back home by) 12:20am and did $85, I feel like Carlos!
  10. chitownXdriver

    Your in a busy area

    I used to follow it but now I just completely ignore it
  11. chitownXdriver

    Saturday update

    I had a busy day today so I had to end yesterday early, I started at 330pm-7pm then 1030-130 and made $150 without even going to the city, got some really nice surges towards the end within the suburbs including a couple of nice df trips.
  12. chitownXdriver

    Rematch or not!!!!!!

    I honestly haven't had even one since they supposedly restarted it
  13. chitownXdriver

    3 airport rides, 2 tipped 1 didn't

    I love giving rides to Republican males from the Northeast, here's why: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mayakachroolevine/2017/07/20/the-demographics-of-the-best-tippers-in-america-might-surprise-you/amp/#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s
  14. chitownXdriver

    3 airport rides, 2 tipped 1 didn't

    Pp Early 30's, male, straight. I was born in NY but my parents are South Asian
  15. chitownXdriver

    Service fee ADJUSTMENTS?

    And that call themselves a technology company, SMH