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    Why does Uber allow Pax's to change a rating,

    It’s all about keeping riders happy.
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    Got my first false allegation on Lyft

    It’s always Passengers before drivers dealing with these silly companies.
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    Unsafe driving

    Uber’s System is designed for drivers to fail, Riders are the bread and butter for Uber and drivers are a dime a dozen. i know a lot of drivers that was deactivated for BS reasons, Nothing makes sense when dealing with Uber.
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    Deactivated from Uber due to False complaint

    Anything can happen driving for Uber or lyft, I would sign up for other gigs.
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    Selling my car is the only way out

    I salute you for getting out of the ride share game, I been out of the game for a minute.
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    No rides in surge

    The riders waiting until the surge disappear, There’s no surge in my small town but I notice the prices always fluctuating depending on the time of day.
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    I got 1starred for My music choices

    I don’t pay a drivers music choice any mind as a rider, There’s a lot of petty riders out there that will down rate a driver for any damn thing.
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    Is America's culture of tipping dying? If so, is Uber at least partly responsible?

    Uber is responsible for advertising no tipping is necessary when they launched the services.
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    It's My First Day Out!

    Learn your market.
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    Unfair ratings from riders

    I hope you have a back up plan or have another job or side hustle, Anything can happen when driving for Uber or any app gig, Uber is a side hustle and not a career.
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    The minimum Fare should be $5

    Uber and lyft is taking way to much money from the drivers period, Drivers should earn a minimum of at least $6 per ride. Earning $3 and $4.80 a ride is ridiculous, Uber nickel and dime drivers every chance they get, I stopped driving right before Uber made all big changes.
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    I met a guy today who was being shuffled

    I had 2 Uber drivers tried the shuffle game, As a ex driver I knew exactly what they was trying to do but it didn’t work, If enough riders complain I’m sure Uber will make changes to there algorithm. 1576287126 Yup, There’s some riders that use the services regularly and know the things some...
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    Any of you guys drive a Mazda CX5, 7, 8, or 9?

    I like the Mazda CX-9”s, I though about getting one just to have something for when the weather get bad. I see a lot of them rolling around everywhere and the ones I see don’t have any rust problems and I also live on the east coast.
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    Did i make a mistake choosing to Uber?

    You didn’t make a mistake, Uber, lyft and any app gig is just a side hustle meaning you singed up tried it out for a minute and didn’t like it so you have the choice to delete the app and move on to something better, If you do continue to drive keep it as a part time hustle for extra gas money...
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    One starred by Leftist Totalitarian pax

    I never discuss religion or politics when I was driving for Uber or lyft, I never had a rider talk about religion but I had a few that talked about politics. I don’t care if the rider is left, Right or center, I never was into politics so it didn’t matter to me personally.....My mind was...