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    Slow Slow Sat. night

    Today seems to be uber slow like molasses
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    McMaster construction area calls

    Same her have literally drove 4 min to pick up kids that go 2 blocks away.....
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    The Hammer was hot this weekend

    Fall is steady and winter is great for business
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    Dead day 3 hours HAMILTON $27 total

    Absolutely dead today in the hammer....
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    Dead day 3 hours HAMILTON $27 total

    Yesterday night wasn't bad but today same time seems to be dead.
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    Hamilton Full Time Driving

    Hello fellow members, just curious to know how the market for full time drivers is in Hamilton? Anyone willing to share some facts?
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    Before going online

    It was my insurance forgot that the new slip was due for upload yesterday all is good now
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    Before going online

    Anyone else from Hamilton getting the red notification that you are not allowed to drive in Mississauga??? Never had that issue until today.....
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    Uber current rates

    No traffic as it was about 3am. This one was Burlington to Brampton and the customer asked not to take the 407 as he knew he was going to get the toll added so had to go the long way, I have done rides from Ancaster to Toronto and for 22.3 km more it was a payout of 84.40 and that toronto...
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    Uber current rates

    Ok, seems like a waste of time this long hauls for nothing.
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    Uber current rates

    Anyone has the current uber rates for partners? Somehow i believe I got screwed by uber on this one as minutes after the trip ended the payout was adjusted significantly.
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    Best bonuses in Canadian Rideshare - InstaRyde Launches Friday

    Looking to expand into Hamilton/Burlington area?
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    Lyft Requirements

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Lyft Requirements

    So I am trying to sign up for Lyft however is asking for a expiry date for the registration which doesn't expires, what should I use for a date? When the sticker is due for renewal? Also asking for a safety which I has done for uber end of Sept so not valid as it's good for 39 days is Lyft...
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    Dundas peak/ false surge

    No this has been happening on Friday/Saturday nights mostly that I am aware off.