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    UberX - simply its not worth it - No Money

    i ONLY drive uber just to cover my Tim Horton's coffee money :rolleyes:
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    Justin Trudeau - Legalize recreational marijuana and Uber should be his first priority :D
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    Hope our new defense minster - Harjit Sajjan allows uber drivers to carry some sort of safety ;0
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    Problem with inspection

    biozon, i need to change my tires (all session tire, drove roughly 52K miles on them since i purchased the mdx). I dont have much space in my garage to put separate summer time and winter tire. Hence i will not be putting winter tires on this. Do you suggest any good all session tire for mdx ...
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    Driving week days. Is it worth it?

    One question: do we really need to file uber income to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) ? What is the consequence of not filing this to CRA and how would CRA find this out if someone is doing uber or not? Will Uber send a copy of income statement (T4 or something) to myself/CRA? 2015 is the first...
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    Surge Prices in KW Area

    anyone else received similar letter in this forum or is it just me o_O
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    Surge Prices in KW Area

    Yes i was one of those lucky 60 folks who got this letter....Until they regulate this ride sharing program - i will probably hibernate.
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    Surge Prices in KW Area

    ===================== PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT AND LEGISLATIVE SERVICES Council and Administrative Services 150 Frederick Street, 2nd Floor Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 4J3 Canada 519-575-4400 Letter of Warning: On [DATE], Region of Waterloo Licensing and Enforcement Services received a complaint...
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    Oktoberfest- Kitchner Waterloo

    i have no idea. I have received a formal letter via mail at my home address.
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    Surge Prices in KW Area

    Hello Kitchener-Waterloo Uber folks, I was wondering if someone can please post the usual surge timing in KW area during weekdays & weekend. Last night (Sat, Oct 17th) i got few surges with 3.0x at 1AM EST which was pretty awesome. Also, has anyone received any WARNINGS from Region of Waterloo...
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    Oktoberfest- Kitchner Waterloo

    I got a warning as well in KW area for driving uBer.
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    Back in the news again- Uber Insurance

    i put a hold on to Uber for now until this insurance thing clears up. Its not worth taking the risk (atleast for me).
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    Uber launching in London, Waterloo Region, Hamilton, & Guelph.

    Waterloo Region taxi drivers fired after working for Uber At least eight Waterloo Region taxi drivers have been fired after their employers learned they had been moonlighting for Uber, the CBC has learned. The drivers worked as independent contractors for various cab companies in the region...
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    Public Input on Uber - Survey [GTA]

    [Bumping the thread] Sorry to bump up the thread. Please complete this survey ASAP as we have the deadline on August 14th, 2015. Much appreciated.
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    Canada's Best Uber driver is in Ottawa (Care to know his secret?)

    keeping water bottle for long period of time during this summer weather is not healthy forsure