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    Boost went up a little next next week

    I can't see the list in my market yet but anything is better than the big fat ZERO that's been in place most of last week!!!!
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    How satisfy are you driving with Uber ???

    I think I may be one of those people. I swear, as soon as I said more pay I was flooded with "thumbs down" from "customers"! I'd only had one before that and with my tips increasing I doubt my service got worse. Three of them were "late to drop off" which I didn't even know that was a thing...
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    $30 tip!!!

    I worked UE all night Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, even drove some sushi 12 miles but I received a $30.00 tipan a $3.00 delivery! It was my last one and it was close to 4:00 AM plus it was raining. Maybe they just really felt sorry for me?
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    Uber Likes To Play The Picture Game

    If I were in that position I'd be pissed but honestly, we really are at their mercy.... It sucks but it sounds like if you jump through their hoops, they'll let you deliver again. Regarding the boosts, wevewhad ZERO in my market most of the week. On Tuesday night I went out a little later than...
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    Taking Too Long to Deliver?

    I received two of these "feedback" after I recently began accepting the "guaranteed" pay pings so that $hit stopped quick! Besides, I don't see a timer anywhere indicating I'm "late" so WTF???!!!
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    I ordered food last night and I saw a little blurb saying I would be prompted to rate my driver the NEXT TIME the app was USED (something along those lines) and sure enough I had NO WAY to rate or tip my driver after I got my food. I had to close the app and reopen it. This may have a lot to do...
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    Don't WAIT to get paid for "WAIT TIME" spent on App Timer

    I tried it last night and there was only one delivery that questioned meeting me I immediately obliged them because their apartment was super easy to find and they'd recently injured their leg. I actually felt kind of bad but instead if spending 10 minutes trying to find an apartment, in the...
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    Don't WAIT to get paid for "WAIT TIME" spent on App Timer

    Yes, this!!! I'm going to try this... ImIsick of apartment complexes that stretch for 10 city blocks! Lol
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    Uber Eats Pool coming soon to a market near you

    And as a result of several recent "guaranteed" amount on stacked orders I just got feedback saying I was late delivering food.... SERIOUSLY???!!! It's not my fault there were no driver's in the area willing to pick up your McDouble, small fry and cup of water and being the nice person that I...
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    Uber Eats Pool coming soon to a market near you

    I'm watching a video now and will include a link to the news article as well. Yes, the thread title is accurate; Uber has probably found yet another way to screw drivers! Uber is rolling out "pool" for UE; basically it's stacked orders. What does that mean for us? If you've ever done a stacked...
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    I delivered 4 orders in an hour, and I hated it.

    I do my best to avoid Tempe. The starving college kids rarely tip!!!
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    1.7x boost for me tonight!

    I don't know..... I'm in 85201 and I worked that same surge this past weekend. I actually made money! I was also pretty freaking busy too.
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    No way!!!!! Are you serious???!!!

    The past week doing UE has been quite a bit busier. I haven't worked during this time of year so I don't know if this is common but imI not complaining! Last week I decided to venture into a more affluent part of town and THE TIPS WERE AMAZING!!!! Guess where I've gone every night since...
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    McDonald’s Woes

    In my area McDonald's puts stickers at the top of the bag to "seal" it so I have no way to check the order. If the customer complains just let them know you just deliver the food, I don't make it!
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    Food was not ready waited over 15 mins for it.

    Last night I had a restaurant that told me it was going to be a 40 minute wait because two staff members had just walked off the job..... Instant CANCEL and on to the next.... Which was less than a minute later and was right next door!!!