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    The shortest ride in the history of Uber

    Have a lux SUV from Georgie’s alibi to Hunters in Wilton Manors . They are less than 50 feet away. The group was so drunk they didn’t care.
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    Win! Win! Win!

    And this is how you win ! Xl ride 55 min 46 miles MIami FL
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    Lux drivers Robbery attempts

    Please don’t feed the trolls ! I have a lot better ways to rob people than traveling 60 mph
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    Thank you Stupid Driver !

    There are a lot of subtle tricks of the trade, the way you phrase things, the way you present yourself the way you act . I would just like to thank the stupid Russian Driver I meet in Parkland on Saturday night . Because of your ignorance and bad attitude, I flipped an $80 Lux trip to an over...
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    Another Lyft Paycut

    Received this wonderful email from Lyft. Another Pay Cut . The .05 cents per mile does not hurt that much but the Power Zone not doubling any more does. Thanks for the kick in balls !
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    Bye Bye “Shop your Way”

    All good (and bad) things come to an end . Shop your way is over May 31. So far I got for free Craftsman Shop Vac $98 High end Toster over $90 winter jacket $50 Beautiful Wood cutting board $40 Tower Fan $80 $200 I have to still spend
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    What kinda charger do you use?

    What do you mean watching ?? I make the most $$ recording what’s happening in the 3 rd row. .
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    Never seen a [email protected] show like ultra Saturday am

    I have done ULTRA 3 years in a row , Art Basel, Tortuga Music Festivsl , and ever other high profile event . Close to 10,000 rides , never seen a absolute meltdown Like Saturday between 2am-7am. City of Miami planners should be absolutely ashamed of themselves . They left 100,000 people...
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    Lyft Personal Power Zones, no more Prime Time!!

    They’re great!!!
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    The Lyft surge is crazy

    I maxed out the surge at $16.50 and they gave me $50.00?? Lyft “lost” $40.00 on this ride. !!
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    Never thought this would happen to me

    I’m back. Took uber support 7 weeks to figure out this mess. Had an excellent week this “week 1”.
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    Never thought this would happen to me

    I have been a driver 4 years 8000 rides and 4.94 for ratting . I drive Xl. LUX, Lux SUV . Never done a pool ride , maybe once a month X just to get home. I cannot figure out how you X guys making money . This time of year I do make close to $1,000 every week and that’s after expenses. No...
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    How much did you make on Art Basel week?

    I know whatever number I post someone will say BS to or it’s photshopped. UBER 2300 Lyft. 960 Cash 150 Total 3410 105 rides. And a lot of hours.
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    Art Basel pax ratings

    What you afraid ???? Want someone to hold your hand ? Come on ManUP and drive !!
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    Lyft keeps emailing me re how much $ I can make at Basel wo offering any $

    Do you really drive or just post all day ?