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    Tip Tuesday

    Okay... that bugs me, too. Retired people who work just for something to do. I'll get blasted for this, but here's my reasoning. First, I'm not bugged by those retired people who work because they NEED the money. That's different. I'm bugged by those who, in this horrible economy, choose to...
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    Tip Tuesday

    I would think Tip Tuesday would be great but it seems every Uber driver is out and I can't get enough calls to make it worthwhile. In fact, it was a waste of my time, sitting around. And of course, only like 15% of people tip anyway.
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    Water Bottles

    Environmentally, I don't believe in plastic water bottles.
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    Picture doesn't match the passenger

    I've worked Uber for nearly 3 months and none of my passengers have had a photo.
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    What's your current rating as a driver?

    I'm a 4.95 and I've had about 63 of 127 rated trips. I know one rider only gave me a 4 instead of a 5 and addressed it as "navigational issues." The destination was to a little obscure car repair shop. I followed GPS's directions which were a little different than I would have gone if I knew...
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    Percentage of people who tip you?

    I only work about 2 hours a day (side job) but the amount of tips I get is low. I'd say only about 15 - 20% of my fares tip. I'm not even asking a lot. Geeze, a buck or two. And I think Uber taking 25% is WAY too high. Not quite sure yet if this is worth it, especially buying my own gas.
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    Anyone else notice how pax cancels went way down after the change to 2 minutes?

    I like that late arrivals are charged... BUT... I think 2 minutes is too low a time OR we Drivers should be the one to start the timer. For instance... sometimes the GPS will say I'm at a destination when technically I'm not. I'm on the other side of the road and I need to turn at the light and...
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    NAME of place, not just address

    New driver here... I don't know if this is an Uber complaint or a Rider complaint. I'll get a call to pick up someone at 123 X Street. I get to the general area and learn that it's going to be a business and SO MANY businesses don't have their address on their building. My complaint is that...
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    I don't see no Tip Option

    Tipping just started today and I'm thankful. I've Ubered about 45 times and have only been tipped (cash) TWICE. I'm hoping the tip option on the app will help. Using my own gas and the wear/tear on my vehicle, tipping will really help out. That being said, I think Uber taking a 25% cut is...
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    Airport queue: yes or no?

    Summer airport traffic is high in my city so I thought airport runs would be plentiful. MAYBE it's because Uber is still new in my city, but it has NOT been profitable to go to the airport specifically looking for rides. Twice I've gone and sat in my car for an hour with nothing to show for...
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    Recording phone usage on Stride

    New driver here. Excuse me if it's a repeat question. I use the Stride app to record my expenses like mileage, etc. In Stride, under Phone & Services, I'm to put the date, $ amount and then the % of the day I used my phone for work. My question is about the $ amount. ??? My cell bill is...
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    Why do foreign guys wear orange pants?

    Ha! Twice now I've picked up international university students (2 different continents) and they wore orange pants. I've never known any American dude (of any race/ethnicity) to do that. I just find it amusing.
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    What do you think about Trump? How much you make ?

    I know they're just making conversation, but talks almost always lead to very personal stuff, like what's my other job and where. I'm trying to figure out a polite way of not giving out those details, especially as a woman.
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    Where the heck am I going?!

    Okay, I'm new to Uber and have only done it about a dozen times. Forgive me in advance if it's something stupid I'm missing or if this topic has been addressed already. (I did a search and didn't find anything.) When I get a Ride, I'm not told where I'm taking the rider. I get a notification...