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    R. I. P speed kills

    Four young lives lost due to over speeding and rash driving in Islamabad. Very sad please drive carefully and advice others as well
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    I think they were taking cash in Manchester before. I am not sure whether they still do or not but they had many problems including runners/stolen cards etc
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    Lords - 1 series vs prius

    some of range rover drivers think they own the world.
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    Vauxhall Insignia

    Stay away from fiat diesel engines absolutely rubbish in my opinion
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    Account on hold

    It's a wake up call. It feels like Uber driver is nothing but a small insect same as u see in rider app when tiny inspects type cars are wandering round looking at uber for jobs. This is modern day slavery. They developed an environment to make u work on 80s wages: Then if u dare to upset any...
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    No Waze anymore?

    Waze is still there. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the map. Might fix the issue
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    Be safe guys

    Very lucky driver. The stab victim could be him rather than a tyre. This is indeed a dangerous job and we are putting our lives at risk for £1.25 per mile.
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    Uber should compensate drivers for loss of earnings last night due to system failure. I can remember once in central, surge was not working due to some system error and uber compensated drivers. Those jobs we completed on flat rate, Uber algorithm calculated that how much we would have earned...
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    System fault

    Have u all uploaded bank statements?
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    Bank documents

    Uber is asking again for bank documents. Has anyone uploaded them? Shall we upload pic of bank card or statement?
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    Clever sign lol

    Happened to me once. I went to pickup location and contacted rider. Rider was actually standing miles away so drove down to the rider actual location . When he gets in, uber sent him some kind of code which I was asked to enter before I could start the trip.
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    7 seater

    Dont u like Toyota estima?
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    Anyone hungry?

    No doubt without uber especially prius drivers, london would be a boring city. Every day u see new antiques and stunts.
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    7 seater

    Then u should look at Toyota's imported 7 or 8 seater. Its hybrid with bigger engine, more room and better comfort. I have seen few driving around London with tfl stickers. I think it's Toyota estima or something
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    Clever sign lol

    And above all its prius which itself is a biggest sign that it's an uber car.