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    Accident car

    Is ur car car c, d, S, n? And when did u renew it?
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    Long trip great day

    On uber x base rate?
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    “OLA” very disrespectful Ad to the clueless Driver who will sign up for this sh!t company

    Bolt is a disgrace. I did few days with bolt and hated it.
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    “OLA” very disrespectful Ad to the clueless Driver who will sign up for this sh!t company

    Ola is saying that currently every Minicab in London is dirty and Smelly and when Ola will come and it will change it. What a disgraceful company shame on u Ola. We should all boycott this Ola.
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    Thank Friday its Brexit

    The only thing that hasn't gone up- guess what - Our belovely uber rates
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    PHV car registration

    Make sure ur car has no dents, scratches, or paint issues, no warning lights on the dash, all the seat belts in good working order, no stains on the seats, car properly cleaned inside and outside including windows and remove all unauthorised dashcam, sat navs or mobile cridles specially those...
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    What the hell?

    But the decision made in her favour. God knows the truth. Why any uber driver commit such a stupid thing?
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    Free MOT with AA for Uber Drivers in London

    They ripped u off. Normally they align headlights free of charge. They have some sorts of mirrors and with some sort of screw driver they align the lights in few seconds. Which car was that?
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    Reelect 😂😂

    I don't think so any Asian pH driver vote him this time
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    Failed Knowledge student newbie please help!

    U dig out old post
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    Fuel prices and uber fare

    Fuel prices are going up. Diesel from asda jumped 3p from 1. 22 to 1. 25 and similarly petrol as well. I hope uber should increase fares as well.
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    Surge tonight

    Central is surging over 3 times. Is this real or uber just messing around?
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    Account on hold

    I have already answered that what if Bush threatened India it would have done the same. Indian prime minister would have shit himself as well The environment at time was very hostile and no country in the world can afford the whole world against it. Yes Pakistan lost billions and more than...
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    Account on hold

    Pak army is one of the most honourable profession. Its not only tough but extremely tough. Mostly promotions goes from bottom to top. It's the only army in the world with high rate of senior officers casualties on line of control. Senior officers don't sit in nice offices but lead from the...