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    Favorite beer ??

  2. BlackBeast

    Uber Black SUV

    ask if they need any rides later on. easy way to get a client
  3. BlackBeast

    Lyft pulls out of Skyharbor January 2020

    Uber also threatens to leave sky harbor too! https://www.azcentral.com/story/travel/airlines/2019/12/13/uber-threatens-leave-phoenix-sky-harbor-over-proposed-fee-increase/2642680001/
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    Finally Fall/Winter Warmup

    The changes uber has made increased demand for black cars. Comfort has almost killed select and select now surges with x/xl so its no longer the cheap option to leave a busy area. Also lowering the per mile and increasing the time has lowered the fares a little bit plus with the addition to...
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    Decline a lot of rides and this is what happens

    my eyes hurt looking at uberx rides
  6. BlackBeast

    Almost forgot Uber can be easy money...

    do you need a driver in az?
  7. BlackBeast

    Sat for 45 min with NO PINGS

    even when its an upgraded pax the ping will still say black...not uberx..
  8. BlackBeast

    Why drive on Halloween?

    thursday night football for the cards. might be busy night
  9. BlackBeast

    Surge conversion

    uber lost $22 on the ride
  10. BlackBeast


    doesnt help when uber turns on all calls for black car drivers and sends comfort pings. started to happen once comfort was released to our market
  11. BlackBeast

    Where to RENT a Chevy Suburban in NYC?

    maybe ubermike will rent you his navigator
  12. BlackBeast

    Surge conversion

    First time i had a token convert to surge where uber lost money