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    Summer slowdown

    Officially the first week in August. Still in the summer slow down. Things are still uncertain with PUA and the virus. Only thing still open are restuarants. I started working last week and many customers are having to wait 30 + minutes for a ride and forced to upgrade to a higher platform...
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    Line 31 schedule C. Kabbage

    oh ok i misunderstood. thanks for clarifying
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    Line 31 schedule C. Kabbage

    where can you find that language? first im hearing of not collecting pua for 8 weeks to qualify for ppp.
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    The End of SELECT

    better to pay for condoms and uber ride then unplanned pregnancy
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    The End of SELECT

    looks like uber drug deal to me
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    Doesn't seem like many of you are back to work...

    its always been that way on minium fare because of booking fee. if you want booking fee then get commerical insurance and become a real driver
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    Doesn't seem like many of you are back to work...

    On lyft I am a 20%. Makes a big difference for high end rides
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    Rip Select

    #comfortking #takeeveryride
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    The End of SELECT

    Interesting. Select has been removed from the Phoenix metro area. Cant tell if its good or bad for either area.
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    Did anyone who was on PUA return to driving today?

    good thing sports are back. lets hope they dont get shut down. i hear MLB is having problems
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    The End of SELECT

    guess you will have to trade it in for a LUX vehicle since that is the only backdoor into BLACK.
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    my friend in the Phoenix market has had problems with his background check. it has been 45 days and he still hasnt cleared it on his commerical account or tcp account which you guys call it in LA. with the shutdown of the uber hubs getting paper work done can become a challenge
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    Anyone else not receive their pua payment this week or last?

    im sure they answered the questions wrong
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    Uber wants me to put up a sign in the back for the passengers to see

    I first tried hanging signs that said tip is not required, but appreciated and it didn't have very good results. Then I got a tipping box and had better results with that.
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    Who knows how to give proper chest compressions?

    Glad your happy with your purchase, but no way would I buy a small SUV. I considered buying the model X few years ago, but now uber has taken it off the list for Black SUV. The news is that tesla wants to enter the ride share market too so maybe I will buy one eventually.