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    Drove Harry today.....!

    I'm confused. How is it not the fact that I'm not able to comprehend his messages, when it is the fact? Again, there were no insults on my part whatsoever. And yes, I do not understand how a person can be offended by other people not being able to comprehend this person's posts. No, we don't...
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    Trading in my car

    Wise choice, man!
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    Drove Harry today.....!

    Sorry, bud, but making assumptions is totally different from stating facts. That's not how it works. Or was that supposed to be an insult? If so, that went nowhere. Again, sorry!
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    Drove Harry today.....!

    How can a fact be offending by itself? I wasn't calling anybody names, I wasn't claiming ignorance or lack of intelligence. I wasn't using any part of this fact to offend Harry.
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    Drove Harry today.....!

    Can't see if Harry posted anything, because he's been in my ignore list for quite a while now. But if he did, Harry, please don't be offended. There is no offense meant from me. I'm just stating a simple fact: I cannot comprehend most of your posts, as they are what I call "stream of...
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    Reporting Uber drivers without snow tires

    Not a bad trade, I tell you. Look where it took someone :)
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    BMW Parking Light Lamp

    Well, they've got to compensate for this somehow:
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    BMW Parking Light Lamp

    Try eBay or Amazon. If you know your bulb code, you should have no problem getting it from there.
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    Taxi plate price

    Even if it cost one dollar, I'd find a better investment for my loonie.
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    Drove Harry today.....!

    Such an honor, I trust! Were you able to understand anything from his talk in person?
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    Will highlander be qualified?

    Yes, if it has leather: Nowadays pretty much any car with leather qualifies for SELECT (even Mitsubishi Lancer). Let alone Highlander, which is in the list of Toronto city approved vehicles. It will also qualify for XL, since it's a 7 seater. And there is no...
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    Reporting Uber drivers without snow tires

    It was just a joke, bud. Take it easy!
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    Happens to the best of us

    LOL, you are awesome, dude!
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    Selling my brand new Samsung 7 32 gb

    Best I can do is $5.
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    My worst trip - deserved 1 star

    Actually, it's quite the opposite - you learn as you go. So instead of quitting this person should learn with Uber.