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    Tallahassee Tips?

    Ill Take A FAMU student over a FSU student any day. Famu students very well behaved and respectful. FSU kids are rowdy and half drunk all the time.
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    Help for a noob!

    That's weird, I got a email from CHECKR, a background checking company with results from a background check. It said Uber requested to check my background just out of the blue. Ive been driving in Tallahassee 2years, and never been in any kind of trouble. Im still driving so I guess everything...
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    How do yall think the arrival of LYFT will impact the Ridiculous Game Day Surges in the FALL??

    I run both the Uber and Lyft apps. During gameday, im thinking about only doing Uber because the Surges are GREAT!! Especially with me doing XL, what do yall think??