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  1. BBslider001

    Well I was called a racial slur today

    I smell horsechit......riiigghhht abouuuuuuut....HERE
  2. BBslider001

    Rude lady- NIGHTMARE

    @@@@ this...grammar bro
  3. BBslider001

    I see your 2* and raise 4 complaints

    @@@@ those parasites....chickenchits to the highest degree.
  4. BBslider001

    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    Myyyy brotha
  5. BBslider001

    I see your 2* and raise 4 complaints

    Man, @@@@ this gig. So glad to be out for good and working a regular job where I get dirty and paid very well. Get out while you can.
  6. BBslider001

    Who here allows food/drink???

    One word comes to my mind..... IDIOTIC.....on so many levels. Good luck. 1565455217 The key word being "most".....nope, nope, and NOPE. GTFO 1565455290 Ummmm, it DOES matter....as in GTFO if a pax even tries it. Those door locks work wonders.
  7. BBslider001

    What an absolute JOKE

    https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zmjew8/were-all-killing-uber-just-by-using-it I dunno....glad I am out.... permanently.
  8. BBslider001

    How many of you smoke?

    Maybe it's all the shuffling going on? LOL
  9. BBslider001

    Uber Pro converted?? NOOOOOO

    It doesn't matter... I just wondered why it appeared.
  10. BBslider001

    And Then It Happened, And I’ll Admit It I, Well, I Shed A Tear

    Jeezus, where did the last 10 minutes go? Dammit
  11. BBslider001

    Uber Pro converted?? NOOOOOO

    App starts showing me points. All of the sudden, "check your Pro status" shows up. I didn't ask for this!! I drive part-time and now VERY part time after today. What gives?
  12. BBslider001

    People with walkers/wheelchair

    Um, nope....depends on where and who.
  13. BBslider001

    I hate this company so much

    I love you all....you too Goober
  14. BBslider001

    I hate this company so much

    Yup, I hear ya....but it ain't butterflies and rainbows all day every day. I believe there is a "complaint" section of the forum just for such stuff. Oh wait! That's right where we be! So, since you guys seem to know how others should do their lives and what choices to make, what "else" should...
  15. BBslider001

    Driver's : get you're blood sugar checked

    OP, do you smoke?