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  • Can I make over $1,000 working in Scottsdale / PHX 7 DAYS a week around 60 hours doing uberx?
    Good Work! You have leap-frogged into 60th Place with 133.947%. This WOULD be an Excellent Time-4-that Requested IN-THREAD COMMENT at the Link below. Thanks !
    CONGRATULATIONS ! About 5 weeks ago you Attained "Well-Known" Status. Even better, your 114.87% Performance has Earned a Coveted Slot, as the 150th UPNF-er,on the Approval Ratings List.
    Examine the Stats, view ALL Listees & PLEASE LEAVE AN IN-THREAD COMMENT @

    Bison Admires. Bison Inspires!
    "Welcome-Wagoneer": 3rd Notable
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