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  1. AuxCordBoston

    TNC Endorsement on your personal policy

    Ride share endorsements only cover stage 1 (when app is on but no call accepted). Stage 2 and 3 are covered by Uber. Nothing new.
  2. AuxCordBoston

    DD yesterday

    But I thought the app changed for DD. For me when the timer runs out it asks me to leave the food in a safe place such as the porch.
  3. AuxCordBoston


    Go to your local Uber office. You need to speak to someone in person.
  4. AuxCordBoston

    Ptown demand

    I saw that one cab driver you mentioned. He had thunderstruck by AC DC blasting from the car while driving down the main strip.
  5. AuxCordBoston

    Multi Stop is BS

    There was someone posting that if you do that on Lyft you won’t get any payment. Not sure if it’s true.
  6. AuxCordBoston

    Allston Multimodal Project

    Just got this email from EZ Pass: The Allston Viaduct, which carries the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) between the Allston Interchange and the Commonwealth Ave Bridge, is nearing the end of its useful lifespan, and must be replaced. In addition, the toll booth plazas in the interchange are no...
  7. AuxCordBoston

    Setting up second uber driver account !!

    Why were you deactivated?
  8. AuxCordBoston

    4 hour ride request - would you have taken it?

    Can you stop and rest?
  9. AuxCordBoston

    Get ready for fingerprinting....

    We will know more later on today
  10. AuxCordBoston

    Ptown demand

    I go to P Town once a yr. My daughter likes going. I leave and comeback the same day. One of the reasons demand exceeds supply is due to traffic. The mail strip will take forever to get through with all the people. It’s also very risky due to so many pedestrians. Also the main highway...
  11. AuxCordBoston

    New inspection

    Mt Auburn Mobil at 660 MT Auburn St will do the inspection
  12. AuxCordBoston

    How often do you stop the ride on 2 stop pickup?

    Uber stopped telling you in advance that there are two stops when you accept the ride. You will only find out once you arrive at the destination and it says to confirm stop. Happened to me today.
  13. AuxCordBoston

    DD. You can no longer keep the food after 5 min timer runs out

    There’s no instructions as to what to do if you can’t find the home to leave it in the first place.
  14. AuxCordBoston

    Any ideas on how to stop Lyft passengers from using the "One-Stop" scam?

    I canceled once and got paid. But that was a yr ago. I guess the rules have changed.
  15. AuxCordBoston


    Deactivated her for what?