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    Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for the virus
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    College’s Canceling rest of 2nd Semester

    Emerson, tufts, MIT, Harvard, Babson, Amherst, Smith, Olin College of Engineering , Suffolk, Roger Williams, UMASS, Boston University, Northeastern, Boston College, Wentworth, Berkeley College of Music, Brandeis, Emanuel college, BC, Curry College, Regis College...
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    College’s Canceling rest of 2nd Semester

    Emerson, Tufts and Babson shut down as well
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    Uber will Compensate Drivers Infected!

    Lyft just sent me an email saying the set up a driver fund for drivers who have coronavirus
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    IRS is auditing me for 2017 tax year

    Can you post the letter saying you are being audited?
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    Deactivated For Refusing Rider Without Car Seat

    New member posts. Always exciting
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    My acceptance rate is dropping for no reason at all!

    2017 thread. Lol
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    New Uber Notification Regarding Airport.

    erectile dysfunction is a disability
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    Uber is increasing price!

    What type of pee bottle do you use?
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    Losing sound on the Uber driver app

    It happens to me all the time. However I take screen shots often where I hold down both sides of the iPhone to take the pics. When I do that I lose the sound. So I power off and power on and then the sound comes back. This only happens when I take screenshots.
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    Check your toll reimbursement - chance are you are not being reimbursed the full amount

    Just happened to me. No toll reimbursement for airport 1582245430 I assume the toll is $2.65. That’s what i asked for
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    Who has the most 1 stars

    Two 2 star Four 1 star
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    Doordash customer ratings manipulation continues...

    You are correct in that if you arrive, can’t locate and get in touch with customer, and then wait the 5 mins the customer can still rate you.
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    appealing an account deactivation

    Old thread