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  1. AuxCordBoston

    Fake cleaning receipt saved me $$$

    You like to incriminate yourself. What other admissions would you like to make?
  2. AuxCordBoston

    Tax Summaries

    Why are they not sending you a 1099?
  3. AuxCordBoston

    Not safe to pick up

    I used it once. Afterwards Uber sent me a message reminding me that if I feel unsafe I don’t have to pick up a pax.
  4. AuxCordBoston

    Uber app issues

    The breakdown of my ratings is gone for me
  5. AuxCordBoston

    Has anyone seen this before?

    The same thing happened to me. The pax requested a shared ride for one person but showed up with two. I entered two but then got a message saying I should cancel and I would get a cancellation fee which I got. I told riders to leave.
  6. AuxCordBoston

    When you get here drive faster so I can get to work by 10:15.

    Why did you call support? Just cancel and move on. I don’t understand why people self report themselves.
  7. AuxCordBoston

    Risk of suspension

    I got the same. Just limit your cancels. 1578926016 That counts as a cancel which results in the message OP posted. Lyft considers driving away the same as a cancel 1578926057 Makes no sense to do what you did 1578926095 Did you get reactivated?
  8. AuxCordBoston

    Encore Boston new rideshare pickup and dropoff area

    How do you know it is permanent? It could just be temporary.
  9. AuxCordBoston

    Gillette Drop Off Area?

    The official drop off and pick up is at lot 15 (Bass Pro Shop). However you can drop off at the McDonalds from the south bound lane. The passenger can then follow the crowd to the stadium. If you are going to drop off at lot 15 (Bass Pro Shop) you are supposed to go to the lot from the...
  10. AuxCordBoston

    Has Uber asked anyone else to show a physical social security card?

    No. They want to see the SS card. That’s what they told me.
  11. AuxCordBoston

    Has Uber asked anyone else to show a physical social security card?

    I got a similar message and had to go to the Saugus location. The Uber employee told me that they are requiring their drivers to show their SS card in sets of 300 drivers. He said it’s happening to everyone therefore there is nothing that triggered it. I was deactivated and had to show my SS...
  12. AuxCordBoston

    Last night was terrible.

    I live near Worcester and I’m not able to see any Boston surges while I’m in Worcester.
  13. AuxCordBoston

    Last night was terrible.

    It’s 8:30 and so far it’s a dud
  14. AuxCordBoston

    Deactivation threatened for alleged fraud.

    That’s a lot of typing
  15. AuxCordBoston

    NYE Promotions

    I stand corrected!