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    $600 weekly PUA comes with a federal tax headache 🤕

    I know but the someone was asking about NJ tax.
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    My driver's account hacked today

    Thank You for some additional beer money. LOL
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    $600 weekly PUA comes with a federal tax headache 🤕

    Unemployment compensation and temporary disability (including family leave insurance benefits) received from the State of New Jersey or as third-party sick pay are not taxable. Do not include these amounts on your New Jersey return.
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    $600 weekly PUA comes with a federal tax headache 🤕

    You can get quartly tax forms here.
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    Pax can't claim disability to not wear a mask

    Personally I don't see what the problem wearing a mask is, when you wear a mask we don't smell your bad breath. LOL
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    Pax can't claim disability to not wear a mask

    A PAX can claim this from Executive Order 122 Page #4 WHEREAS, the CDC has also stated that cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance; I...
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    Sadly a few dollars corrupt minds until it too late. But then those people are not my problem and as I have said in the past I have drilled it into my children they under no circumstances do you use your personal vehicle for someone elses business, like pizza delivery, etc. Luckily for me all my...
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    I was just trying to see if things have changed, she feels like she is good to go but then 1 good lawsuit will take her house. IMHO commercial insurance is the safest bet.
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    I was just chatting with a neighbor to see if she was driving uber again, she said yes and I said what about insurance and she said on the drivers app it reflects coverage so she does not need rideshare coverage. Can anyone elaborate on this coverage, she thinks she is covered, her vehicle is...
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    Huge Demand On the Shore

    My guess is your not reporting your uber money to the UI
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    Financial Help During Pandemic

    In the end there is NO Free Lunch.
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    Temp tags

    They are out of the hood, they live in their new digs.
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    EIDL Loan... What can I use it for?

    My wife and I and two other couples did an Alaska cruise and then went to Denali for a couple of days and took the scenic train back to Anchorage. It was fantastic. We went in September and one of the bus tour guides said he was amazed on how many animals we saw. Some other tour guides said to...